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An Introduction to Numerical Analysis, 2nd Edition

An Introduction to Numerical Analysis, 2nd Edition

Kendall Atkinson

ISBN: 978-0-471-62489-9

Jan 1989

712 pages

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This Second Edition of a standard numerical analysis text retains organization of the original edition, but all sections have been revised, some extensively, and bibliographies have been updated. New topics covered include optimization, trigonometric interpolation and the fast Fourier transform, numerical differentiation, the method of lines, boundary value problems, the conjugate gradient method, and the least squares solutions of systems of linear equations. Contains many problems, some with solutions.
Its Sources, Propagation, and Analysis.

Rootfinding for Nonlinear Equations.

Interpolation Theory.

Approximation of Functions.

Numerical Integration.

Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations.

Linear Algebra.

Numerical Solution of Systems of Linear Equations.

The Matrix Eigenvalue Problem.


Answers to Selected Problems.