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An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis: Objects and UML in Plain English, 2nd Edition



An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis: Objects and UML in Plain English, 2nd Edition

David William Brown

ISBN: 978-0-471-37137-3 July 2001 704 Pages


This text is a general and very accessible Introduction to Object Oriented Analysis for use in Systems Analysis and Design courses in IS/MIS/CIS and some CS departments. This text contains extensive pedagogy and incorporates patient explanations, making it ideal for beginners. Incorporation of real-world examples, case studies, and in depth theory and skills for practical application makes this text very user-friendly. This text is also language independent (no Java, C++, etc. specific), therefore it is flexible to use in many courses.

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  1. An Introduction to the Book
  2. Systems Development and the Software Crisis
  3. Models and Modeling
  4. Data-Orineted Models
  5. Objects and Classes
  6. The Object Oriented Development Life Cycle
  7. Building the Requirements Model
  8. Properties of Objects and Classes
  9. Finding Objects and Classes in the Real World
  10. Object States and the Statechart Diagram
  11. Following the Trail: Examining Execution Sequences
  12. Subsystems
  13. Object-Oriented Design
  14. Implementation: OOPLs and ODBMSs
  15. Moving to Object-Oriented Techniques
  16. The People Side of Systems Development
  17. "The Royal Korona Yacht Club" Membership System
  • UML incorporated throughout text-terminology and concepts.
  • All relevant Object Diagrams redrawn in UML notation.
  • New—Feasibility Analysis—Chapter 6.
  • Testbank updated—new exercises and questions on UML.
  • Website includes: End of Chapter Exercises, Additional Exercises, Self-Test Questions.
  • Completely object oriented.
  • Accessible writing style.
  • Extensive pedagogy, including a continuing Case Study, Summary Lists, "Thought Questions," etc.
  • Cartoons and real world examples to hold student's interest.