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An Introduction to Social Psychology, 6th Edition

Miles Hewstone (Editor), Wolfgang Stroebe (Editor), Klaus Jonas (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-95985-5 August 2016 672 Pages

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For over 25 years An Introduction to Social Psychology has been combining traditional academic rigor with a contemporary level of cohesion, accessibility, pedagogy and instructor support to provide a definitive guide to the engaging and ever-evolving field of social psychology.

This sixth edition, completely revised and updated to reflect current issues and underlying theory in the field, has been specially designed to meet the needs of students at all levels, with contributions written by leading psychologists, each an acknowledged expert in the topics covered in a given chapter.  The text benefits hugely from an updated range of innovative pedagogical features intended to catch the imagination, combined with a rigorous editorial approach, which results in a cohesive and uniform style accessible to all.  Each chapter addresses both major themes and key studies, showing how the relevant field of research has developed over time and linking classic and contemporary perspectives.

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Notes on Contributors xix

Preface to Sixth Edition xxi

Guided Tour xxiii

Accompanying Online Resources for Instructors and Students xxvii

Chapter 1 Introducing Social Psychology 1
Wolfgang Stroebe, Miles Hewstone and Klaus Jonas

Chapter 2 Research Methods in Social Psychology 25
Antony S. R. Manstead and Andrew G. Livingstone

Chapter 3 Social Perception and Attribution 55
Brian Parkinson

Chapter 4 Social Cognition 93
Louise Pendry

Chapter 5 The Self 123
Carolyn C. Morf and Sander L. Koole

Chapter 6 Attitudes 171
Geoffrey Haddock and Gregory R. Maio

Chapter 7 Strategies of Attitude and Behaviour Change 201
Wolfgang Stroebe

Chapter 8 Social Influence 233
Miles Hewstone and Robin Martin

Chapter 9 Aggression 273
Barbara Krahé

Chapter 10 Prosocial Behaviour 309
Mark Levine and Rachel Manning

Chapter 11 Attraction and Close Relationships 347
Johan C. Karremans and Catrin Finkenauer

Chapter 12 Group Dynamics 379
Bernard A. Nijstad and Daan van Knippenberg

Chapter 13 Group Performance and Leadership 407
Stefan Schulz-Hardt and Felix C. Brodbeck

Chapter 14 Prejudice and Intergroup Relations 439
Russell Spears and Nicole Tausch

Chapter 15 Cultural Social Psychology 489
Peter B. Smith

References 527

Glossary 597

Name Index 609

Subject Index 627

  • Full coverage of all the major theories and topics
  • Focused discussions of important research studies and the implications of their findings.
  • Descriptions of real-life application of theory and research are presented throughout in the Social Psychology Beyond the Lab feature
  • Individual Differences boxes with illustrative items from scales used to measure variables discussed in the chapters
  • Clear conclusions, further reading and learning questions to track your progression
  • Concise biographies of Leaders in the Field, both classic and contemporary scholars from across the globe who have had a major impact on their research area