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Analog Signal Processing

Ramón Pallás-Areny, John G. Webster

ISBN: 978-0-471-12528-0 February 1999 608 Pages


A proven, cost-effective approach to solving analog signal processing design problems

Most design problems involving analog circuits require a great deal of creativity to solve. But, as the authors of this groundbreaking guide demonstrate, finding solutions to most analog signal processing problems does not have to be that difficult.

Analog Signal Processing presents an original, five-step, design-oriented approach to solving analog signal processing problems using standard ICs as building blocks. Unlike most authors who prescribe a "bottom-up" approach, Professors Pallás-Areny and Webster cast design problems first in functional terms and then develop possible solutions using available ICs, focusing on circuit performance rather than internal structure. The five steps of their approach move from signal classification, definition of desired functions, and description of analog domain conversions to error classification and error analysis.

Featuring 90 worked examples-many of them drawn from actual implementations-and more than 130 skill-building chapter-end problems, Analog Signal Processing is both a valuable working resource for practicing design engineers and a textbook for advanced courses in electronic instrumentation design.
Signals and Signal Processing.

Voltage Amplification.

Current-to-Voltage and Voltage-to-Current Conversion.

Linear Analog Functions.

AC/DC Signal Conversion.

Other Nonlinear Analog Functions.

Analog Signal Filtering.

Analog Signal Switching, Multiplexing and Sampling.

Error Analysis and Reduction.

Interference and Its Reduction.

Noise, Drift and Their Reduction.


  • An Instructor's Manual presenting detailed solutions to all the problems in the book is available from the Wiley editorial department.