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Analysing Congress, 2nd Edition

Analysing Congress, 2nd Edition

Charles Stewart III

ISBN: 978-0-393-93506-6

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160 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The only undergraduate Congress text written from a rational-choice perspective.

Analyzing Congress provides students with the basic analytical tools for understanding congressional politics. In addition to introducing the fundamental concepts and theory, the text includes many empirical cases drawn from the classic Congress literature and from recent developments in Congress. For the Second Edition, new cases and updated data figures have been added throughout the text, expanded problem sets and conceptual questions now appear at the end of every chapter, and the presentation of the spatial model in Chapter 1 has been revised to make it more teachable to undergraduates.

1. An (Unusual) Introduction to the Study of Congress

2. The Constitutional Origins of Congress

3. The History and Development of Congress

4. The Choices Candidates Make: Running for Congress

5. The Choices Voters Make

6. Regulating Elections

7. Leadership in an Egotistical Body

8. Congressional Committees

9. Doing It on the Floor: The Organization of Deliberation