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Analysing Gene Expression: A Handbook of Methods, Possibilities, and Pitfalls

Analysing Gene Expression: A Handbook of Methods, Possibilities, and Pitfalls

Stefan Lorkowski (Editor), Paul M. Cullen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60149-3

May 2004, Wiley-Blackwell

200 pages


This book combines the experience of 225 experts on 900 pages.
Scientists worldwide are currently overwhelmed by the ever-increasing number and diversity of genome projects. This handbook is your guide through the jungle of new methods and techniques available to analyse gene expression - the first to provide such a broad view of the measurement of mRNA and protein expression in vitro, in situ and even in vivo. Despite this broad approach, detail is sufficient for you to grasp the principles behind each method. In each case, the authors weigh up the advantages and disadvantages, paying particular attention to the automated, high-throughput processing demanded by the biotech industry. Completely up to date, the book covers such ground-breaking methods such as DNA microarrays, serial analysis of gene expression, differential display, and identification of open reading frame expressed sequence tags. All the methods and necessary equipment are presented visually in more than 300 mainly colour illustrations to assist their step-by-step reproduction in your laboratory. Each chapter is rounded off with its own set of extensive references that provide access to detailed experimental protocols. In short, the bible of analysing gene expression.



Table of Contents.

List of Contributors.

1. Basic concepts of gene expression.

2. Sample preparation and supplementary tools.

3. Methods for analysing mRNA expression.


4. High-throughput and industrial methods for mRNA expression analysis.

5. Protein expression analysis.

6. Methods for mRNA and protein expression analysis in situ and in vivo.

7. Computational methods and bioinformatic tools.


"The comprehensive extent of described topics makes this book really "bible of analysing gene epression"." (Thaiszia Journal of Botany, 2007)

"The editors...have truly provided an exception information repository on an enormous array of genetic expression-related informaion...there is no other source that provides the reader with such a clear understanding of the possibilities and pitfalls associated with each technique...highly recommended." (SIM News)

"The books is useful as starting points for novices, or a convenient summary of the field for those familiar with this area. The material that is covered is timely and reasonable in scope...this book is a good "one-stop-shopping" summary of this rapidly evolving area." (Cassandra Smith, Boston University, Biomolecular Engineering, November 2004)

"This two-volume book written by a total of 225 authors presents an excellent overview and deep insight into the field of eukariotic gene expression and its analysis." (ChemBioChem, Wolfgang Schumann, Universität Bayreuth)

"Taken all over, this book has the potential to become the encyclopedia of gene expression analysis." (Sabine Kleinsteuber, Engineering in Life Sciences, 2/2004)

"...the text is clear and the illustrations are excellent.... The work will be useful for reference, especially to provide a quick and clear summary of the various techniques for postgraduates, postdocs and older research supervisors." (Simon Baumberg, University of Leeds, Microbiology Today, Vol. 31, November 2004)