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Analysis of Complex Networks: From Biology to Linguistics



Analysis of Complex Networks: From Biology to Linguistics

Matthias Dehmer (Editor), Frank Emmert-Streib (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-62799-8 July 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 480 Pages


Mathematical problems such as graph theory problems are of increasing importance for the analysis of modelling data in biomedical research such as in systems biology, neuronal network modelling etc. This book follows a new approach of including graph theory from a mathematical perspective with specific applications of graph theory in biomedical and computational sciences. The book is written by renowned experts in the field and offers valuable background information for a wide audience.
Entropy, Orbits, and Spectra of Graphs (Mowshowitz, Mitsou)
Statistical Mechanics of Complex Networks (Thurner)
A Simple Integrated Approach to Network Complexity and Node Centrality (Bonchev)
Graph Spectra and the Structure of Complex Networks (Estrada)
Random Induced Subgraphs of n-Cubes (Reidys)
Graph Edit Distance -
Optimal and Suboptimal Algorithms with Applications (Bunke, Riesen)
Graph Energy (Gutman, Li, Zhang)
Generalized Shortest Path Trees: A Novel Graph Class by Example of Semiotic Networks (Mehler)
Applications of Graph Theory in Chemo- and Bioinformatics (Dimitropoulos, Golovin, John, Krissinel) Structural and Functional Dynamics in Cortical and Neuronal Networks (Kaiser, Simonotto)
Network Mapping of Metabolic Pathways (Cheng, Zelikovsky)
Graph Structure Analysis and Computational Tractability of Scheduling Problems (Sevastyanov, Kononov)
Counting Cubes in Median Graphs and Related Problems (Kovse)
Elementary Elliptic (R, q)-Polycycles (Deza, Sikiric, Shtogrin)
Optimal Dynamic Flows in Networks and Algorithms for Finding Them (Lozovanu, Fonoberova)
Analyzing and Modeling European R&D Collaborations: Challenges and Opportunities from a Large Social Network (Barber, Paier, Scherngell)
Analytic Combinatorics on Random Graphs (Drmota, Gittenberger)