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Analysis of Enzyme Reaction Kinetics

Analysis of Enzyme Reaction Kinetics

F. Xavier Malcata

ISBN: 978-1-119-49009-8

Mar 2019

1584 pages


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Comprehensively introduces readers to modelling of rate of enzymatic reactions, including effects of physicochemical parameters

Analysis of Enzyme Reaction Kinetics is the second set in a unique eleven-volume collection on Enzyme Reactor Engineering. It describes rate expressions pertaining to enzymatic reactions, including modulation by physicochemical factors, as well as tools for prediction and control of how fast substrates are transformed to products. Volume 1 details rate expressions mathematically derived from mechanistic postulates, and is complemented by appropriate statistical approaches to fit them to experimental data. Volume 2 discusses the effects of physical and chemical parameters upon the rates of both enzyme-catalyzed and enzyme-deactivation reactions. 

Starting with basic concepts and historical perspectives, the first volume introduces readers to the mathematics of rate expressions. It then goes on to cover kinetic features and the many forms of Michaelis & Menten’s-type rate expressions (single and multiple enzymes, autocatalysis, single and multiple substrates, multiphasic systems, etc.), and concludes with the statistical analysis of rate expressions – including the assessment of data, fitting of models to data, and generation of data themselves. The second volume introduces readers to physicochemical modulation of reaction rate – starting with basic concepts, and looking specifically at temperature-, mechanical force-, pH- and compound-driven effects: both unimodal and bimodal deactivation are considered.

Analysis of Enzyme Reaction Kinetics 2V Set is a comprehensive work for those studying or working with enzyme reactions, or practitioners involved in the control of reactors.


Enzyme Reactor Engineering is organized into four major sets: Enzyme Reaction Kinetics and Reactor Performance; Analysis of Enzyme Reaction Kinetics; Analysis of Enzyme Reactor Performance; and Mathematics for Enzyme Reaction Kinetics and Reaction Performance.

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