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Analytic Methods in Systems and Software Testing

Analytic Methods in Systems and Software Testing

Ron S. Kenett, Fabrizio Ruggeri, Frederick Faltin

ISBN: 978-1-119-48740-1

Sep 2018

560 pages


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There is a need for a definitive “go-to” resource to help system and software developers to productively direct their testing/validation efforts using the best known methods and tools. Analytic Methods in Systems and Software Testing provides valuable insights into software testing problems and solutions and explains the required statistical methods along with numerous examples that aid understanding in applying these methods to real-world problems. Leading authorities in applied statistics, computer science, and software engineering present state of the art analytics along with insights to challenges faced by practitioners and researchers involved in system and software testing. Methods include: logistic regression, machine learning, Bayesian methods, graphical models, experimental design, generalized regression and reliability models. This bookprovides career-young researchers with interesting insights on challenges in the field, and well-prepared practitioners should find it very useful in order to use the methods presented.