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Analytical Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry Approach Quantitative Analysis Collection

Analytical Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry Approach Quantitative Analysis Collection

ISBN: 978-1-118-89131-5 August 2014 432 Pages


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The activities developed by the ANAPOGIL consortium fall into six main categories frequently covered in a quantitative chemistry course: Analytical Tools, Statistics, Equilibrium, Chromatography and Separations, Electrochemistry, and Spectrometry.  These materials follow the constructivist learning cycle paradigm and use a guided inquiry approach. Each activity lists content and process learning goals, and includes cues for team collaboration and self-assessment.  The classroom activities are modular in nature, and they are generally intended for use in class periods ranging from 50-75 minutes.  All activities were reviewed and classroom tested by multiple instructors at a wide variety of institutions.

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Analytical Tools

Accuracy, Precision and Tolerance: Sorting out Glassware
Solutions and Dilutions
Classical Analytical Methods: A Design Perspective on Volumetric Measurement
Sample Preparation
Instrumental Calibration
Quality Assurance Measures
Instrumental Calibration: Method of Standard Additions 
Interlaboratory Comparisons


Errors in Measurements and Their Effect on Data Sets
The Gaussian Distribution
Statistical Tests of Data: The t Test 
Statistical Tests of Data: The F Test
Linear Regression for Calibration of Instruments


The Importance of Ionic Strength
Activity and Activity Coefficients
Multiple Equilibria: When Reactions Compete
pH of Solutions of Strong Acids and Bases
Acid-Base Distribution Plots
The Acid-Base Distribution Functions
The Buffer Zone: What is a Buffer and in What pH Range is it Effective?
When Acids and Bases React: Laboratory


Electrochemistry: The Microscopic View of Electrochemistry
Electrochemistry: Calculating Cell Potentials


The Beer-Lambert Law
Atomic and Molecular Absorption Processes 

Chromatrography and Seperation

Introduction to Chromatography 
Band Broadening Effects in Chromatography
Gas Chromatography or HPLC, Which Do You Choose?

ANA-POGIL Project Activites: Topics and Learning Goals

ANA-POGIL Activities & Analytical Texts Mapping