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Analytical Political Economy

Analytical Political Economy

Roberto Veneziani, Luca Zamparelli

ISBN: 978-1-119-48332-8

Apr 2018

376 pages


Offering a unique picture of recent developments in a range of non-conventional theoretical approaches in economics, this book introduces readers to the study of Analytical Political Economy and the changes within the subject.

  • Includes a wide range of topics and theoretical approaches that are critically and thoroughly reviewed
  • Contributions within the book are written according to the highest standards of rigor and clarity that characterize academic work
  • Provides comprehensive and well-organized surveys of cutting-edge empirical and theoretical work covering an exceptionally wide range of areas and fields
  • Topics include macroeconomic theories of growth and distribution; agent-based and stock-flow consistent models; financialization and Marxian price and value theory
  • Investigates exploitation theory; trade theory; the role of expectations and ‘animal spirits’ on macroeconomic performance as well as empirical research in Marxian economics

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7. Minsky Models: A Structured Survey (Maria Nikolaidi and Engelbert Stockhammer)
8. Financialization And Investment: A Survey Of The Empirical Literature (Leila E. Davis)
9. Quantitative Empirical Research In Marxist Political Economy: A Selective Review (Deepankar Basu)
10. Value, Price, And Exploitation: The Logic Of The Transformation Problem (Simon Mohun and Roberto Veneziani)
11. A Progress Report On Marxian Economic Theory: On The Controversies In Exploitation Theory Since Okishio (1963) (Naoki Yoshihara)
12. South–South And North–South Economic Exchanges: Does It Matter Who Is Exchanging What And With Whom? (Omar S. Dahi and Firat Demir)