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Analytics Factory: Solving the Number One Problem in Predictive Analytics

Analytics Factory: Solving the Number One Problem in Predictive Analytics

Adam Hughes, Max Roemer

ISBN: 978-1-119-39423-5

Oct 2025

256 pages

Select type: O-Book


Boost efficiency and quality with an assembly line approach to data

Analytics Factory presents a blueprint for building a successful analytics environment using a fresh approach to architecture. Based on the model of a traditional factory, the analytics factory positions your data as the product: incoming data flows through an inventory/preparation system, where it is sorted according to purpose and use; next, the data moves into production/packaging, where it is used for model building and analysis. Finally, your product is ready for distribution/deployment, and you deliver quality analytic reports that get results. Much like the manufacturing assembly line, the analytics factory model offers greater efficiency and multiple quality control checkpoints, while solving the ongoing challenge of realizing the full potential of business analytics.

Analytics has come of age, but there is no commonly understood way to design and implement a suitable platform—until now. This book provides a workable model and a new approach to architecture to help you get the most out of your organization's data.

  • Design and build a rapid model development environment
  • Empower analytic action through revolutionary architecture
  • Bring production level analytics into your organization
  • Employ a factory model for data sorting, analysis, and deployment

Data has come to business in a big way. The incoming stream is massive and never-ending, and the sheer depth and breath of its utility continues to work its way into every facet of the organization. Your organization's data is a goldmine of information, but to access that information, you need a reliable system that controls the flow and facilitates analysis. Analytics Factory gives you the blueprint for a comprehensive model development and deployment environment, with expert guidance on implementation.