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Analytische Trennmethoden

Analytische Trennmethoden

Prof. Georg Schwedt, Carla Vogt

ISBN: 978-3-527-32494-1

Jun 2010

340 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Chromatography - Electrophoresis - Field-flow fractionation
Georg Schwedt's classic "Chromatographische Trennmethoden" has been read by thousands of students of chemistry, biochemistry, food chemistry, pharmacy and biology as well numerous users from the field of analysis. The successor uses a new concept to treat all the important separation methods at a glance, while maintaining the necessary depth: principles of measurement, apparatus, practical execution, historical development, status of the methods described.
Didactically structured, the book summarizes the whole area of analytical separation methods. Ideal for advanced students as well as users in all the natural sciences, archeology, restoration and medicine.
An invaluable guide for studies and work.

Supplementary material available for lecturers: