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Ancient Floods, Modern Hazards: Principles and Applications of Paleoflood Hydrology

Ancient Floods, Modern Hazards: Principles and Applications of Paleoflood Hydrology

P. Kyle House (Editor), Robert H. Webb (Editor), Victor R. Baker (Editor), Daniel R. Levish (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66570-1

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

385 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Water Science and Application Series, Volume 5.

Ancient Floods, Modern Hazards: Principles and Applications of Paleoflood Hydrology is a milestone publication with contributions to basic and applied science. Studies in hydrology, climatology, hydraulics, geochronology, geomorphology, and stratigraphy highlight recent advances in tools, techniques, and methods for interpreting the physical evidence of large floods. The papers in this volume illustrate a range of important topics, including:

  • how paleoflood hydrology provides a basis for the estimation of flood magnitude and frequency for flood hazard analysis
  • the relationship between climate variability and flood frequency
  • advances in the hydraulic modeling of floods
  • new applications of remote sensing technology
  • superior understanding of the sedimentology, stratigraphy, and chronology of flood deposits
  • insight into geographic and geologic controls on floods

A unique volume, this work offers a wealth of information to anyone involved in the study of flood science.

P. Kyle House, Robert H. Webb, Victor R. Baker, and Daniel R. Levish v


The Scientific and Societal Value of Paleofiood Hydrology
Victor R. Baker, Robert H. Webb, and P. Kyle House 1

Climate Variability and Flood Frequency at Decadal to Millennial Time Scales
Kelly T. Redmond, Yehouda Enzel, P.Kyle House, and Franco Biondi  21

Principles and Methods

Paleofiood Reconstruction on Floodplains Using Geophysical Survey Data and Hydraulic Modeling
Geoff Pickup, Alan Marks, and Mary Bourke 47

Mapping Flood Inundation in SouthwesternA rizona Using Landsat TM Data: A Method for Rapid Regional Flood Assessmen Following Large Storms
Larry Mayer and Philip A. Pearthree 61

Dendrochronologic Evidence for the Frequency and Magnitude of Paleofioods
Thomas M. Yanosky and Robert D. Jarrett 77

Reliability of Paleostage Indicators for Paleofiood Studies
Robert D. Jarrett and John E England, Jr. 91

One-Dimensional Estimation Techniques for Discharges of Paleofioods and Historical Floods
Robert H. Webb and Robert D. Jarrett 111

Robust Determination of Stage and Discharge: An Example From an Extreme Flood
on the Verde River, Arizona
Roger P. Denlinger, D. R. H. O'Connell, and P. Kyle House 127

Initial Motion of Boulders in Bedrock Channels
PaulA. Carling, Mark Hoffmann, and Andrea S. Blatter 147

Bias and Information Content of Paleoflood Data in Flood-Frequency Analysis
J. B. Blainey, R. H. Webb, M. E. Moss, and V. R. Baker 161

Paleohydrologic Bounds-Non-ExceedanceI nformation for Flood Hazard Assessment
Daniel R. Levish  175


Cosmogenic 3He Ages and Geochemical Discrimination of Lava-Dam Outburst-Flood Deposits
in Western Grand Canyon, Arizona
Casandra R. Fenton 191

Evaluation of Glacial Outburst Flood Hypothesis for the Big Lost River, Idaho
Keith L. Knudsen, Janet M. Sowers, Dean A. Ostenaa, and Daniel R. Levish 217

Watershed Scale and the Stratigraphic Record of Large Floods
J. C. Knox and J. M. Daniels 237

Slackwater Deposits as Paleostage Indicators in Canyon Reaches of the Central Appalachians:
Reevaluation After the 1996 Cheat River Flood
J. Steven Kite, Terry W. Gebhardt, and Gregory S. Springer 257

Historical Flood and Paleofiood Chronology of the Lower Verde River, Arizona: Stratigraphic Evidence and Related Uncertainties
P. Kyle House, Philip A. Pearthree, and Jeanne E. Klawon 267

Paleofiood Hydrology of the Paria River, Southern Utah and Northern Arizona, USA
R. H. Webb, J. B. Blainey, and D. W. Hyndman 295

Paleofloods and the Estimation of Long Term Transmission Losses and Recharge to the Lower Nahal Zin Alluvial Aquifer, Negev Desert, Israel
Noam Greenbaum, Uri Schwartz, Asher P. Schick, and Yehouda Enzel 311

Caves and Their Potential Use in Paleoflood Studies
Gregory S. Springer 329

Modeled Paleofiood Hydraulics as a Tool for Interpreting Bedrock Channel Morphology
Ellen Wohl 345


The Geology and Geography of Floods
Jim E. O'Connor 359