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And Then the Roof Caved In: How Wall Street's Greed and Stupidity Brought Capitalism to Its Knees



And Then the Roof Caved In: How Wall Street's Greed and Stupidity Brought Capitalism to Its Knees

David Faber

ISBN: 978-0-470-52921-8 June 2009 208 Pages


CNBC's David Faber takes an in-depth look at the causes and consequences of the recent financial collapse

And Then the Roof Caved In lays bare the truth of the credit crisis, whose defining emotion at every turn has been greed, and whose defining failure is the complicity of the U.S. government in letting that greed rule the day. Written by CNBC's David Faber, this book painstakingly details the truth of what really happened with compelling characters who offer their first-hand accounts of what they did and why they did it.

Page by page, Faber explains the events of the previous seven years that planted the seeds for the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. He begins in 2001, when the Federal Reserve embarked on an unprecedented effort to help the economy recover from the attacks of 9/11 by sending interest rates to all time lows. Faber also gives you an up-close look at where the crisis was incubated and unleashed upon the world-Wall Street-and introduces you to insiders from investment banks and mortgage lenders to ratings agencies, that unwittingly conspired to insure lending standards were abandoned in the head long rush for profits.

  • Based on two years of research, this book provides deep background into the current credit crisis
  • Offers the insights of experienced professionals-from Alan Greenspan to prominent bankers and regulators-who were on the front lines
  • Created by David Faber, the face of morning business news on CNBC, and host of the network's award winning documentaries

From regulators who tried to stop this problem before it swung out of control to hedge fund managers who correctly foresaw the coming housing crash and profited from it, And Then the Roof Caved In shows you how the crisis we currently face came to be.


Prologue "On the Verge".

Chapter 1 Bubble to Bubble.

Greenspan's Shock and Awe.

Houses Built on Cow Dung.

Chapter 2 Home Sweet Home.

Opening Doors.

An Industry Is Born.

Subprime Returns.

Chapter 3 The Subprime Machine.

From Delivering Pizza to Delivering Mortgages.

Living the Dream.

Diving into Deep Trouble.

Chapter 4 Eyes Wide Shut.

A Warning Unheeded.

A Dream No More.

Chapter 5 The Great Enabler.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Hit the Scene.

Fannie and Freddie Get a Timeout.

Wall Street Takes Over.

A Tsunami of Mortgages.

From Ownit to Out of It.

Back from the Grave.

Chapter 6 Complicity.

Moody's the Money Maker.

Repeat Customers.

Chapter 7 The Securitization from Hell.

The Making of a CDO.

Tough to Kill.

Turning “Crap into Triple-A”.

From CDS to CDO.

Insanity Sets In.

Chapter 8 Narvik and Me.

CDOs: An American Export.

The Truth Revealed—But Does It Matter?

Chapter 9 Mortgaging Merrill’s Future.

Climbing Out of Poverty.

A Strong Start.

The Secret Weapon.

Raking It In.

Taking Big Risks.

Chapter 10 A House of Cards.

Digging for Gold.

Building a Case.

The Investment of a Lifetime.

Chapter 11 And Then the Roof Caved In.

The Wheels Coming Off.

The Call.

A Crisis Begins.

The CDO Blues.

Lights Out.


A Note on Sources.

Resources from CNBC.


"David Faber is known as one of the cooler heads on financial news channel CNBC… True to his reputation, calm prevails through most of the book... Faber explains rather than rants about these mortgages, as well as securitizations and bogus credit ratings, making the case that greed and stupidity caused the financial crisis…"
—Lisa Von Ahn, Reuters

a" fantastic book on the housing meltdown . . .
—The Motley Fool

“CNBC’s David Faber delivers a clear-eyed look at the origins of the crisis. . . As an anchor of the Faber Report, the author was on the front lines of the financial crisis and spoke with many of its key players.
—Fortune magazine

"A slim yet substantial book based on Faber's riveting (and horrifying) CNBC special "House of Cards" that takes readers from the mosquito-ridden swimming pools of option-ARM ghost towns to a Norwegian town bankrupted by ill-advised investments in "synthetic" bonds on the mortgages left behind."
NY Mag, Daily Intel

"…we wound up liking Faber’s book. He writes simply and well. He also uses real people to demonstrate the insanity of the housing boom. While this may not be the deepest book about the crash, it could be the most accessible."
MoneySense magazine