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Android Game Programming For Dummies

Android Game Programming For Dummies

Derek James

ISBN: 978-1-118-02774-5

Dec 2012

384 pages

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Learn how to create great games for Android phones

Android phones are rapidly gaining market share, nudging the iPhone out of the top spot. Games are the most frequently downloaded apps in the Android market, and users are willing to pay for them. Game programming can be challenging, but this step-by-step guide explains the process in easily understood terms. A companion Web site offers all the programming examples for download.

  • Presents tricky game programming topics--animation, battery conservation, touch screen input, and adaptive interface issues--in the straightforward, easy-to-follow For Dummies fashion
  • Explains how to avoid pitfalls and create fun games based on best programming practices for mobile devices
  • A companion web site includes all programming examples

If you have some programming knowledge, Android Game Programming For Dummies will have you creating cool games for the Android platform quickly and easily.

Introduction  1

Part I: Adopting the Android Gaming Mindset  7

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Android Gaming 9

Chapter 2: Designing Your Game 27

Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Development Environment 51

Part II: Starting to Program  77

Chapter 4: Dissecting an Android App 79

Part III: Making Your First Game: Crazy Eights  109

Chapter 5: Creating a Simple Title Screen 111

Chapter 6: Creating a Basic Play Screen 135

Chapter 7: Finishing Your First Game 181

Part IV: Moving On to Your Second Game: Whack-a-Mole  199

Chapter 8: Creating a Complex Title Screen 201

Chapter 9: Creating an Animated Play Screen 217

Chapter 10: Storing and Retrieving Game Information 245

Part V: Managing Your Game in the Market 261

Chapter 11: Making Money with Your Game 263

Chapter 12: Publishing and Updating Your Game 277

Part VI:The Part of Tens  295

Chapter 13: Ten Open-Source Game Projects 297

Chapter 14: Ten Game Engines and Tools 307

Chapter 15: Ten More Places to Distribute Your Game 317

Chapter 16: Ten Websites for Android Game Developers 327

Glossary  339

Index  343

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