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Annual Plant Reviews, Volume 28, Plant Proteomics

Annual Plant Reviews, Volume 28, Plant Proteomics

Christine Finnie (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-14429-2

Oct 2006, Wiley-Blackwell

272 pages

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The proteome comprises all protein species resulting from gene expression in a cell, organelle, tissue or organism. By definition, proteomics aims to identify and characterise the expression pattern, cellular location, activity, regulation, post-translational modifications, molecular interactions, three dimensional structures and functions of each protein in a biological system.

In plant science, the number of proteome studies is rapidly expanding after the completion of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome sequence, and proteome analyses of other important or emerging model systems and crop plants are in progress or are being initiated. Proteome analysis in plants is subject to the same obstacles and limitations as in other organisms, but the nature of plant tissues, with their rigid cell walls and complex variety of secondary metabolites, means that extra challenges are involved that may not be faced when analysing other organisms.

This volume aims to highlight the ways in which proteome analysis has been used to probe the complexities of plant biochemistry and physiology. It is aimed at researchers in plant biochemistry, genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics who wish to gain an up-to-date insight into plant proteomes, the information plant proteomics can yield and the directions plant proteome research is taking.



1. Plant Proteomics: Challenges and Resources (Joshua L. Heazlewood and A. Harvey Millar).

2. Proteomic Analysis of Post-Translational Modifications by Mass Spectrometry (Albrecht Gruhler and Ole N. Jensen).

3. Strategies for the Investigation of Protein-Protein Interactions in Plants (Hans-Peter Braun and Udo K. Schmitz).

4. Proteomics of Disulphide and Cysteine Oxidoreduction (Kenji Maeda, Per Hägglund, Christine Finnie and Birte Svensson).

5. Structural Proteomics (Russell L. Wrobel, Craig A. Bingman, Won Bae Jeon, Jikui Song, Dmitriy A. Vinarov, Ronnie O. Frederick, David J. Aceti, Hassan K. Sreenath, Zsolt Zolnai, Frank C. Vojtik, Eduard Bitto, Brian G. Fox, George N. Phillips Jr. And John L. Markley).

6. Cereal Proteomics (Setsuko Komatsu).

7. Proteome Analysis for the Study of Developmental Processes in Plants (Loïc Rajjou, Karine Gallardo, Claudette Job and Dominique Job).

8. Surveying the Plant Cell Wall Proteome, or Secretome (Tal Issacson and Jocelyn K.C. Rose).

9. Proteomics of Plant Mitochondria (Natalia V. Bykova and Ian M. Mφller).


A broad overview of one of the most fashionable current topics in plant science

Highlights the ways in which proteome analysis has been used to probe the complexities of plant biochemistry and physiology

Chapters are organised by biological function