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Annual Plant Reviews, Volume 35, Plant Systems Biology



Annual Plant Reviews, Volume 35, Plant Systems Biology

Gloria Coruzzi (Editor), Rodrigo Gutiérrez (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-31223-2 May 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 376 Pages


Plant Systems Biology is an excellent new addition to the increasingly well-known and respected Annual Plant Reviews. Split into two parts, this title offers the reader:
  • A fundamental conceptual framework for Systems Biology including Network Theory
  • The progress achieved for diverse model organisms:  Prokaryotes, C. elegans and Arabidopsis
  • The diverse sources of “omic” information necessary for a systems understanding of plants
  • Insights into the software tools developed for systems biology
  • Interesting case studies regarding applications including nitrogen-use, flowering-time and root development
  • Ecological and evolutionary considerations regarding living systems

This volume captures the cutting edge of systems biology research and aims to be an introductory material for undergraduate and graduate students as well as plant and agricultural scientists, molecular biologists, geneticists and microbiologists. It also serves as a foundation in the biological aspects of the field for interested computer scientists. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where biological and agricultural sciences are studied and taught and integrated with Computer Sciences should have copies of this important volume on their shelves.

Part I. Systems Biology: an Overview.

1. Systems Biology: Principles and Applications in Plant Research (G.M. Coruzzi, A. Burga, M.S. Katari, and R.A. Gutierrez).

2. An Overview of Systems Biology (R. Albert and S.M. Assmann).

3. Prokaryotic Systems Biology (T. Kacmarczyk, P. Waltman, and R. Bonneau).

4. Animal Systems Biology: Toward a Systems View of Development in C. elegans (A. Fernandez, F. Piano, and K.C. Gunsalus).

Part II. Plant Systems Biology: Enumerating and Integrating the System Components.

5. Software Tools for Systems Biology: Visualizing the Outcomes of N experiments on M Entities (C. Poultney and D. Shasha).

6. The Plant Genome: Decoding the Transcriptional Hardwiring (E. Grotewold and N. Springer).

7. The RNA World: Identifying miRNA, Target RNA Pairs as Possible Missing Links in Multi-network Models (P.J. Green and B.C. Meyers).

8. Proteomics: Setting the Stage for Systems Biology (S.C. Peck).

9. Metabolomics: Integrating the Metabolome and the Proteome for Systems Biology (W. Weckwerth).

10. From the Ionome to the Genome: Identifying the Gene Networks That Control the Mineral Content of Plants (M.L. Guerinot, I. Baxter, and D.E. Salt).

11. Development and Systems Biology: Riding the Genomics Wave Towards a Systems Understanding of Root Development (S.M. Brady and P.N. Benfey).

12. Perspectives on Ecological and Evolutionary Systems Biology (C.L. Richards, Y. Hanzawa, M.S. Katari, I.M. Ehrenreich, K.E. Engelmann, and M.D. Purugganan).

?The book delivers an accurate and up-to-date review of the main progress made by plant researchers to capture, interpret and integrate different types of omics data, and to model plant biological processes taking into consideration multiple components of the system under scrutiny.? ( Annals of Botany , December 2009)

  • part of the prestigious Annual Plant Reviews series
  • an international team of authors, each experts in their field
  • a valuable resource for all researchers and professionals in molecular, cell and developmental biology and genetics