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Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability: Historical and Paleoenvironmental Perspectives



Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability: Historical and Paleoenvironmental Perspectives

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Antarctic Research Series, Volume 79.

The Antarctic Peninsula region represents our best natural laboratory to investigate how earth's major climate systems interact and how such systems respond to rapid regional warming. The scale of environmental changes now taking place across the region is large and their pace rapid but the subsystems involved are still small enough to observe and accurately document cause and affect mechanisms. For example, clarification of ice shelf stability via the Larsen Ice Shelf is vital to understanding the entire Antarctic Ice Sheet, its climate evolution, and its response to and control of sea level. By encompassing the broadest range of interdisciplinary studies, this volume provides the global change research and educational communities a framework in which to advance our knowledge of the causes behind regional warming, the dramatic glacial and ecological responses, and the potential uniqueness of the event within the region's paleoclimate record. The volume also serves as a vital resource for public policy and governmental funding agencies as well as a means to educate the large number of ecotourists that visit the region each austral summer.

Eugene W. Domack ix

Environmental Setting of the Antarctic Peninsula
Eugenel W. Domack, A dam Burnett, and Amy Leventer 1

Meteorological Record and Modeling Results 15

Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability and its Causes as Revealed by Analysis of Instrumental Records
J.C. King, J. Turner, G. J. Marshall, W. M. Cornally, and T. A. Lachlan-Cope 17

Regional and Large-Scale Influences on Antarctic Peninsula Climate
Ian Simmonds 31

Response of Wintertime Antarctic Temperatures to the Antarctic Oscillation: Results of a Regional Climate Model
Michiel R. Van den Broeke and Nicole P M. van Lipzig 43

Glaciological Climate Relationships 59

Spatial and Temporal Variation of Surface Temperature on the Antarctic Peninsula and the Limit of Variability of Ice Shelves
Elizabeth M. Morris and David G. Vaughan 61

Impact Assessment of Regional Climatic Warming on Glaciers and Ice Shelves of the Northeaster
Antarctic Peninsula
Pedro Skvarca and Hernn De Angelis 69

Climate-Induced Ice Shelf Disintegration in the Antarctic Peninsula
Ted Scambos, Christina Hulbe, and Mark Fahnestock 79

Terrestrial Archives of Paleoenvironmetal Change 93

The Late Pleistocene and Holocene Glacial and Climate History of the Antarctic Peninsula Region
as Documented by the Land and Lake Sediment Records--A Review
Christian Hjort, Olafur N. Ingolfson, Michael J. Bentley, and Svante Bjorek 95

An Overview of the Late Pleistocene Glaciation in the South Shetland Islands
Brenda L. Hall 103

Ice Core Paleoclimate Histories from the Antarctic Peninsula: Where Do We Go From Here?
Ellen Mosley-Thompson and Lonnie G. Thompson 115

Ecologic Responses 129

Palmer L ong-Term Ecological Research on the Antarctic Marine Ecosystem
Raymond C. Smith, William R. Fraser, Sharon E. Stammer John, and Maria Vernet 131

Maritime Antarctic Peninsula Climate Change: Signals from Terrestrial Biology
Peter Convey 145

Ecological Responses of Maritime Antarctic Lakes to Regional Climate Change
Wendy C. Quayle, Peter Convey, Lloyd S. Peck, Cynan J.  Ellis-Evans, Helen G. Butler, and Helen J. Peat 15

Late Holocene Penguin Occupation and Diet at King George Island, Antarctic Peninsula
Steven D. Emslie, Peter Ritchie, and David Lambert 171

Marine Geological Records 181

Retreat History of the Gerlache-Boyd Ice Stream, Northern Antarctic Peninsula: An Ultra-High Resolution
Acoustic Study of the Deglacial and Post-Glacial Sediment Drape
Veronica M . Willmott, Miquel Canals, and Jose L. Casamor 183

Deglacial History of the Greenpeace Trough: Ice Sheet to Ice Shelf Transition
in the Northwestern Weddell Sea
Robert Gilbert, Eugene W. Domack, and Angelo Camerlenghi 195

Marine Sedimentary Record of Natural Environmental Variability and Recent Warming in the Antarctic Peninsula
Eugene W.D omack, Amy Leventer, Stephanie Root, Jim Ring, Eric Williams, David Carlson,
Emily Hirshorn, William Wright, Robert Gilbert, and George Burr 205

Origins and Paleoceanographic Significance of Layered Diatom Ooze Interval from Bransfield Strait in the Northern Atarctic Peninsula around 2500 Yrs. BP
Ho I. Yoon, Byong-Kwon Park, Yeadong Kim, Cheon Y. Kang, and Sung-HoKang 225

Foraminiferal Distributionsin the Former Larsen-A Ice Shelf and P rince Gustav Channel Region,
Eastern Antarctic Peninsula Margin: A Baseline for Holocene Paleoenvironmental Chaange
Scott E. Ishman and Phillip Szymcek 239