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Antarctic Pinnipedia

Antarctic Pinnipedia

William Henry Burt (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66477-3

Apr 2013, American Geophysical Union

226 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Antarctic Research Series, Volume 18.

All together, the species of antarctic pinnipeds probably comprise the largest aggregation of wild mammals in any one circumscribed area on the earth. Although man has known of the existence of antarctic pinnipeds for more than 2 centuries and scientists of many countries have contributed to the knowledge of the species, renewed scientific interest generated by the U.S. Antarctic Research Program has brought out new findings that should lay the foundation for future studies. Antarctic Pinnipedia reflects some of the more recent contributions on this subject by U.S. investigators, who have been supported by the National Science Foundation, as well as research by scientists of Australia and New Zealand, who have received field and/or logistic assistance under the U.S. Antarctic Research Program. Thus this volume illustrates the international cooperation engendered by the Antarctic Treaty and, at the same time, reveals the broad approach in the development of biological research. Under the U.S. Antarctic Research Program, the study of marine mammals is but one discipline in a number of areas simultaneously developed by the Office of Polar Programs under the direction of Dr. George A. Llano, Program Director, Polar Biology.

The Antarctic Research Series
Morton J. Rubin VII

William Henry Burt  IX

Contributions to the Systematics of the Southern Fur Seals, with Particular Reference to the Juan
Fernandez and Guadalupe Species
Charles A. Repenning, Richard S. Peterson, and Carl L. Hubbs 1

Original Teeming Abundance, Supposed  Extinction, and Survival of the Juan Fernandez Fur Seal
Carl L. Hubbs and Kenneth S. Norris  35

Osteology and Myology of the Weddell Seal Leptonychotes weddelli ( Lesson, 1826)
Jean Pierard 53

Myology of the Southern Elephant Seal Mirounga leonina( L.)
M. M. Bryden 109

Population Dynamics of the Weddell Seal (Leptonychotes weddelli) in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, 1966-1968
Ian Stirling 141

Directionality of the Sound Beam in Leptonychotes weddelli (Mammalia: Pinnipedia)
William E. Schevill and William A. Watkins  163

Underwater Sounds of Arctocephalus philippii, the Juan Fernandez Fur Seal
Kenneth S. Norris and William A. Watkins  169

Some Observations on the Activity Patterns of Weddelli Seals as Recorded by Telemetry
D. B. Siniff, J. R. Tester, and V. B. Kuechle 17

Blood Chemistry and Protein Polymorphisms in Three Species of Antarctic Seals (Lobodon
carcinophagus, Leptonychotes weddelli and Mirounga leonina)
U.S. Seal, A. W. Erickson, D. B. Siniff, and D. R. Cline 181

Survival of Histological Structure and Biochemical Constituents in an Ancient Mummified Weddell Seal. Part I. General Description and Age of Antarctic Seal Mummies
Mario A. Marini and Terence T. Blair 193

Survival of Histological Structure and Biochemical Constituents in an Ancient Mummified Weddell Seal. Part II. Survival of Histological Structure
Mary Faith Orr 197

Survival of Histological Structure and Biochemical Constituents in an Ancient Mummified Weddell Seal. Part III. Survival of Biochemical Constituents
Lung-Hsiung Hsu and Elmon L. Coe 207