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Antarctic Terrestrial Biology

Antarctic Terrestrial Biology

George A. Llano (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66466-7

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

322 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Antarctic Research Series, Volume 20.

These 13 original papers on terrestrial biological research initiate a companion to Biology of the Antarctic Seas, which now comprises four volumes of the Antarctic Research Series. The articles in this volume range in subject matter from the limnology, physiology, and ecology of aquatic systems to the taxonomy of fresh-water algae, lichens, mosses, fungi, protozoa, and land arthropods of Antarctica. It concludes appropriately, and for reasons stated below, with a paper on subantarctic rain forests.

This terrestrial volume brings together research papers that are less suitable for publication under existing Antarctic Research Series volumes and, as a consequence, reveals another dimension of the U.S. effort in antarctic biological research. Although the volume includes systematic and ecologic papers, the longer reports point to changes in the design and completion of field biological work. These changes are exemplified by greater use of increasingly sophisticated instrumentation and by emphasis on in situ experimental studies. This transition began as early as 1961–1962 when Goldman, Mason, and Wood, and also Koob and Leister, began their field work. To some extent, the rationale and methodology of these two groups stimulated the 1970 studies by Parker and his associates. Much of biological research involves graduate research assistants, and seven of these papers represent, in part or in whole, their contributions presented in partial fulfillment of requirements for higher degrees.

The Antarctic Research Series
Morton J. Rubin  vii

George A. Llano  ix

Comparative Study of the Limnology of Two Small Lakes on Ross Island, Antarctica
Charles R. Goldman, David T. Mason, and Brian J. B. Wood  1

Primary Productivity and Associated Physical, Chemical, and Biological Characteristics of Lake Bonney:A Perennially Ice-Covered Lake in Antarctica
Derry D. Koob and Geoffrey L. Leister  51

Fresh-Water Algae of the Antarctic Peninsula
1. Systematics and Ecology in the U .S. Palmer Station Area
Bruce C. Parker, Gene L. Samsel, and G. W. Prescott  69

Photosynthesis of Lichens from Antarctica
Otto L. Lange and Ludger Kappen  83

Field Observations and Laboratory Studies of Some Antarctic Cold Desert Cryptogams
Edmund Schofield and Vernon Ahmadjian  97

Comparative Physiology of Four West Antarctic Mosses
James R. Rastorfer  143

Observations on the Origin and Taxonomy of the Antarctic Moss Flora
Harold E. Robinson  163

New Basidiomycete from the Antarctic
Roll Singer  179

Ornithogenic Soils of Antarctica
F. C. Ugolini  181

Microbial and Ecologic Investigationsin Victoria Valley, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Roy E. Cameron  195

Ciliated Protozoa of the Antarctic Peninsula
Jesse C. Thompson, Jr  261

Life Cycle Studies of Some Antarctic Mites and Description of a New Species, Protereuneteps aulinae( Acari: Eupodidae)
Elmer E. Gless  289

Subantarctic Rain Forest of Magellanic Chile: Distribution, Composition, and Age and G owth Rate Studies of Common Forest Trees
Steven B. Young  307