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Antifungal Azoles: A Comprehensive Survey of their Structures and Properties

Antifungal Azoles: A Comprehensive Survey of their Structures and Properties

Ludwig Zirngibl

ISBN: 978-3-527-60268-1

Jan 2005

306 pages

Select type: O-Book


Azoles are central ingredients in many drugs. They play an important role in the fight against skin deseases and the secondary symptoms of AIDS. They are also used in the protection of plants and in industry (leather, wool, fibers). The rapid development in this field affords a comprehensive handbook about their uses and applications.

The book covers the last 15 years of development of the title substances from a synthetic organic viewpoint based on over 2700 references (including 1350 patents) until October 1997. The author shows structure-activity relationships, activities and applications. The work will become an indispensable planning guide for researchers in the pharmaceutical industry and at universities.

1-(Mono- and dihydroxyalkyl- and -alkenyl)-1H-azoles, their thio derivatives and analogs
1-(Oxo-alkyl-, oxo-alkenyl, hydrocyalkylcarbonyl and dioxoalkyl)-1H-azoles and their derivatives
1H-Azoles or 1-(1H-azol-1-yl)alkyl compounds with a nitrogen functional group
X-(1H-Azol-1-yl)methyl-isoxazolidines, oxazolidines, -1,3-dioxolanes, -morpholines, -1,3-dioxolanes, -tetrahydrofurans, their thioderivatives and homologs
Azol-1-yl-boron-, -silicium-, -germanium-, -tin-, -phosphorus- and -oxygen-compounds
What do research chemists do when they retire? Ludwig Zirngibl provides one possible answer by producing a very useful handbook covering 15 years of research in azole chemistry. He covers the period from 1982-83 when interest in antifungal chemistry within the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries was at its peak. No stone has been left unturned by Zirngibl to make this book comprehensive. He is well placed to have written this book because he was activly involved in the area...
(Chemistry in Britain)