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Aperture 3 Portable Genius

Aperture 3 Portable Genius

ISBN: 978-0-470-94779-1

Sep 2010

352 pages

Select type: E-Book


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Compact, fluff-free, full-color guide to getting the most out of Apple’s Aperture digital photography software

This handy Portable Genius guide is designed to help you avoid hassle, save time, and quickly learn what you need to know to use Apple’s Aperture digital photography software effectively—and have fun while you’re doing it! In a trim size that fits in your laptop bag, this practical guide gives you tips, tricks, and savvy advice on everything from navigating Aperture’s user interface to advanced RAW image processing, publishing albums on the Web, and how to create your own photo book.

  • Provides tips and techniques for the new or most useful features of Apple's Aperture 3 digital photography and digital manipulation program
  • Includes savvy advice and plenty of no-nonsense content in a hip way that is easy to access
  • Covers key tools and topics, including keyboard shortcuts, how to streamline workflows, advanced RAW image processing, and more
  • Features Genius icons throughout the book—smart or innovative ways to handle tasks and save yourself time

Learn Aperture in a fun way and get even more out of your Apple digital lifestyle with Aperture 3 Portable Genius.



Chapter 1: How Do I Get Started with Aperture?

Chapter 2: How Do I Import Images?

Chapter 3: What Methods Can I Use to See My Images?

Chapter 4: How Can I Use Metadata to Organize and Find My Images?

Chapter 5: How Do I Use Faces and Places to Categorize My Images?

Chapter 6: What Tools Can I Use to Make My Images Better?

Chapter 7: What Options Do I Have to Create a Physical Copy of My Photos?

Chapter 8: How Can I Share My Images Digitally?

Chapter 9: How Can I Use Aperture with My HDSLR’S Video Files?

Chapter 10: How Can Aperture Make My Workflow Smoother?