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Appeasement, 2nd Edition

Appeasement, 2nd Edition

Keith Robbins

ISBN: 978-0-631-20326-1 April 1997 Wiley-Blackwell 108 Pages


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The author examines appeasement in the context of both Britain's domestic and her international commitments, within Europe and beyond.
1. Historiography.

2. Policy and Party Politics.

3. Public Opinion: War and Peace.

4. Appeasers.

5. Economic Appeasement.

6. Appeasement and Power.

7. Appeasement in Action.

8. Conclusion.


Guide to Further Reading.


* Updated, concise introduction to a much debated topic in twentieth century history.
* Provides detailed analysis of changing public opinion and of the 'appeasers' themselves.
* Includes new discussion of historiography surrounding appeasement.