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Apple TV Portable Genius

Apple TV Portable Genius

Guy Hart-Davis

ISBN: 978-1-118-63734-0

Dec 2012

288 pages

Select type: E-Book



Get savvy advice and hip tips on using Apple TV

The Portable Genius series is all about getting the most from your Apple-inspired digital lifestyle and the popular and inexpensive Apple TV is no exception. With this helpful guide, you'll find important basics on how to stream Internet content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and iTune. In addition, you'll learn how Apple TV fully integrates with both iOS and OS X and acts as a media hub for viewing content from the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac via an HDTV. Covering everything from simply connecting the device to a home entertainment system through setting up accounts and finding content, this handy resource is packed with tips and tricks that are all aimed at helping you get the most from your Apple TV.

  • Offers little-known tips and tricks for streaming movies from popular services to your Apple TV as well as using Apple TV as a media hub
  • Features detailed guidance on wirelessly connecting to personal computers and tablets
  • Highlights ways in which you can take full advantage of AirPlay and iCloud to stream and share content from your computer or iOS device

Small and portable, Apple TV Portable Genius is packed with tips and techniques about the things you most want to know about your Apple TV.

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Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xviii

Chapter 1

How Do I Connect and Set Up My Apple TV? 2

Unboxing Your Apple TV 4

Getting the Correct Cables and Adapters 4

Using an HDMI cable for an HDTV 6

Using a component or composite video converter 7

Connecting Your Apple TV 9

Identifying the ports on your Apple TV 10

Connecting your Apple TV to a TV or monitor 11

Connecting your Apple TV to speakers 12

Connecting your Apple TV to the Internet 13

Connecting your Apple TV to a power socket 13

Setting Up Your Apple TV 13

Starting your Apple TV and choosing the language 14

Connecting your Apple TV to a network 14

Choosing whether to send information to Apple 17

Changing the Apple TV Internet Connection 18

Switching from one wireless network to another 18

Sharing your computer’s Internet connection with the Apple TV 20

Putting Your Apple TV to Sleep and Waking It 26

Chapter 2

How Can I Customize My Apple TV? 28

Naming Your Apple TV 30

Manually Configuring Network Settings 31

Testing the Network Configuration 36

Using Parental Controls 37

Pairing the Apple Remote 41

Choosing When Your Apple TV Sleeps 42

Configuring General Settings 42

Setting the time zone 42

Setting the language 44

Choosing Accessibility settings 44

Configuring Your iTunes Store account 45

Choosing a screen saver 47

Choosing Audio and Video Settings 51

Setting Up AirPlay 55

Turning On Home Sharing 56

Chapter 3

How Can I Make the Most of

Music on My Apple TV? 58

Playing Music on Your Apple TV 60

Creating a Music Library on Your Mac or PC 60

Setting iTunes to create high-quality audio files from a CD 61

Picking the best encoding for your needs 63

Choosing where to store your library 64

Importing a CD 66

Adding existing music files to iTunes 69

Converting music file formats 71

Creating fixed playlists and Smart playlists 72

Playing Music from iCloud 77

Setting up iTunes Match on your Mac or PC 77

Playing music from iCloud 79

Streaming Music to Your Apple TV 86

Streaming music from your Mac or PC 86

Streaming music from your iOS device 87

Streaming the Screen of an iOS Device to Your Apple TV 88

Chapter 4

How Do I Set Up and Use Home Sharing? 90

Understanding Home Sharing 92

Setting Up Home Sharing 92

Setting up Home Sharing in iTunes 92

Setting up Home Sharing on an iOS device 96

Setting up Home Sharing on your iPad 96

Setting up Home Sharing on your iPhone or iPod touch 96

Setting up Home Sharing on your Apple TV 97

Playing Content via Home Sharing 98

Playing content via Home Sharing on another computer 98

Copying files from one computer library to another 99

Playing content via Home Sharing on Apple TV 101

Playing content via Home Sharing on an iOS device 103

Playing content via Home Sharing on an iPhone or iPod touch 103

Playing content via Home Sharing on an iPad 104

Chapter 5

How Can I Watch Movies and Videos on My Apple TV? 106

Choosing How to Watch Movies and Videos 108

Using the Movies App 109

Previewing and renting movies 112

Buying a movie 112

Searching for movies or finding them with Genius 113

Creating a Wish List and using the Purchased list 114

Using the TV Shows App 114

Browsing and Finding TV Shows 115

Viewing show information and finding episodes 117

Watching previews and adding shows to Favorites 118

Returning to previously purchased TV shows 119

Using the Trailers App 119

Watching Movies and TV Shows on Netflix 121

Selecting movies and shows 121

Viewing information about or watching a video 123

Watching Videos on Hulu Plus 123

Choosing movies and shows 124

Viewing information about and playing a video 127

Watching Videos on Vimeo 127

Launching the Vimeo app and signing in 128

Browsing for content 128

Searching for and playing videos 130

Chapter 6

How Can I Create Videos to Watch on My Apple TV? 132

Understanding Which Video Formats Your Apple TV Can Play 134

Checking Whether a Video Will Play on Your Apple TV 134

Creating Videos with Your iOS Device 136

Creating Files from Video Clips on a Mac or PC 136

Converting Video File Formats 137

Creating Video Files from DVDs 140

Understanding the legalities of copying DVDs 140

OS X tools for copying DVD files 140

Windows tools for copying DVD files 142

Chapter 7

How Can I Listen to the Radio and Podcasts on My Apple TV? 144

Listening to the Radio 146

Opening the Radio app and finding stations 146

Creating a list of favorite radio stations 147

Playing an unlisted station 148

Listening to Podcasts 150

Finding podcasts 150

Viewing information about or playing a podcast 153

Finding unlisted podcasts 154

Chapter 8

What Can I Do with Photos on My Apple TV? 156

Understanding Photo Stream 158

Setting Up Photo Stream 158

Setting up Photo Stream on a Mac 158

Setting up Photo Stream on a PC 160

Setting up Photo Stream on your iOS device 164

Setting up Photo Stream on your Apple TV 164

Viewing Photos with Photo Stream 166

Browsing individual photos 166

Viewing a slide show 167

Choosing slide show settings 167

Deleting a photo from Photo Stream 169

Browsing Photos on Flickr 169

Adding a Flickr contact 170

Adding a contact by name 170

Searching for a contact 171

Browsing a contact’s albums and viewing slide shows 172

Chapter 9

How Do I Set Up and Use a Remote Control? 174

Replacing the Battery in the Apple Remote Control 176

Using a Different Remote Control with Your Apple TV 176

Choosing a suitable remote for the Apple TV 177

Configuring a remote for use with the Apple TV 177

Renaming, reconfiguring, or deleting a remote 181

Using an iOS Device as a Remote Control 183

Downloading and installing the Remote app using an iOS device 183

Downloading and installing the Remote app using iTunes 183

Controlling the Apple TV with the Remote app 184

Chapter 10

What Can I Do with the WSJ Live App? 188

Opening the WSJ Live App 190

Watching Live Broadcasts 190

Finding Programs 190

Browsing the schedule 190

Browsing the full list 192

Browsing by category 194

Searching for programs 196

Chapter 11

How Can I Add More Capabilities to My Apple TV? 198

Sending Movies to Your Apple TV 200

Mirroring Your Computer on Your Apple TV with AirParrot 202

Working with AirParrot on a Mac 202

Working with AirParrot on a PC 203

Displaying your desktop on your Apple TV 204

Displaying a single app on your Apple TV 205

Extending a Mac desktop to your Apple TV 205

Understanding Jailbreaking 206

Adding Capabilities with aTV Flash 207

Chapter 12

How Can I Troubleshoot My Apple TV? 210

Keeping Your Apple TV Updated 212

Performing Essential Troubleshooting Moves 213

Restarting your Apple TV 214

Resetting your Apple TV 214

Restoring your Apple TV 215

Troubleshooting Remote Control Issues 218

The Apple Remote controls your Mac instead of your Apple TV 218

Your Apple TV doesn’t respond to the Apple Remote 219

Checking the Apple Remote battery 220

Troubleshooting Network and Internet Issues 220

Manually configuring the Apple TV network settings 221

Fixing incorrect network settings 223

Troubleshooting wired network connection issues 224

Troubleshooting wireless network connection issues 225

The Apple TV loses its wireless connection 225

The Apple TV has a wireless connection but no Internet connection 226

The Apple TV claims the Wi-Fi password is incorrect 227

Troubleshooting Internet connection issues 228

Your Apple TV loses its Internet connection 228

You get a message that the iTunes Store is unavailable 229

Troubleshooting Display Issues 230

No video appears on the TV screen 230

Video playback is choppy or interrupted 231

App icons disappear from the Home screen 231

Troubleshooting Home Sharing Issues 232

Providing the conditions Home Sharing needs 233

Updating to the latest version of iTunes 233

Updating your iOS devices 233

Checking your Internet connection 234

Checking for other network issues 234

Using the same Apple ID on each computer and device 235

Troubleshooting authorization problems 235

Troubleshooting connection issues 236

Restarting iTunes 236

Restarting your computer 237

Restarting Home Sharing 237

Turning on the wake for network access feature on a Mac 237

Troubleshooting Content Issues 239

The Movies and TV Shows apps don’t appear on the Home screen 239

The Apple TV says it’s not authorized to play content 240

Your Apple TV gives you an HDCP error 240

The Apple TV can’t play content from the iTunes Store 241

Troubleshooting AirPlay Issues 241

The AirPlay icon is missing from iTunes or your iOS device 242

AirPlay playback is disrupted 246

Connect your Apple TV via Ethernet 246

Turn off Bluetooth on your iOS device 246

Minimize interference on your wireless network 246

Setting your router to give AirPlay higher Quality of

Service priority 251

Configuring an Apple TV Using Apple Configurator 252

Getting started with Apple Configurator 253

Creating a configuration profile 254

Installing a configuration profile on an Apple TV 256

Index 258