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Apple Watch For Dummies

Apple Watch For Dummies

Marc Saltzman

ISBN: 978-1-119-05205-0 July 2015 288 Pages


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Your all-encompassing guide to the Apple Watch

Are you an Apple Watch enthusiast and want to master all of its features to impress friends and intimidate enemies? Or perhaps you're a less-than-tech-savvy newcomer to the "wearable" craze and want to get the most out of it? In Apple Watch For Dummies, you'll discover how this incredible device does way more than simply tell time. Through hands-on, easy-to-follow instruction, you'll find out how to send and receive text messages and emails, use Siri, find movie times, access your favorite apps and get directions]. Plus, you'll get a handle on the all-new hardware, change the watch face to suit your mood and needs, use the innovative interface—including the exciting Digital Crown feature—to zoom and scroll, and move into fitness tracking with your Apple Watch—and be amazed as it helps you set and maintain reachable fitness goals.

Apple Watch is a game changer. Is it a communication device? A timepiece? An exercise companion and tracker? Yes, it's all that and more! Written by veteran tech guru Marc Saltzman, this friendly guide helps you wrap your mind around Apple Watch, even as it wraps around your wrist. In no time, you'll be using it to stay in touch with friends and family, navigate your way around unfamiliar places, stay fit, and so much more!

  • Covers Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition
  • Offers step-by-step details on using Apple Watch to send and receive texts and emails
  • Walks you through using the Digital Crown feature, along with touchscreen and voice commands
  • Shows you how to use Apple Watch to track your fitness—and even share your heartbeat with another Apple Watch user

If you're a new to the Apple Watch—or an old hand (or wrist, as it were) looking to push it to its limits—Apple Watch For Dummies helps you get the most out of this cool technology.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting to Know Apple Watch 7

Chapter 1: Watch This: Introducing Apple Watch 9

Chapter 2: Time Out: Setting Up Your Apple Watch 25

Chapter 3: Control Freak: Mastering Apple Watch’s Interface and Apps 41

Part II: Just the Tasks, Ma'am 59

Chapter 4: It's About Time: Learning How to Set Watch Faces, Alarms, Timers, and More 61

Chapter 5: Keep in Touch: Using Apple Watch for Calls, Texts, Emails, and More 89

Chapter 6: In the Know: Staying Informed With Apple Watch 113

Part III: It's All in the Wrist131

Chapter 7: Siri Supersized: Gaining the Most From Your Personal Assistant 133

Chapter 8: Fitness Fun: Whipping Yourself Into Shape With Apple Watch 147

Chapter 9: Mucho Media: Managing Your Music, Movies, and More 169

Chapter 10: Pay for Play: Making Mobile Payments With Apple Watch 185

Part IV: More Apple Watch Tips and Tricks 195

Chapter 11: App It Up: Customizing Apple Watch With Awesome Apps and More 197

Chapter 12: Extra! Extra! Having Fun With Apple Watch 215

Part V: The Part of Ten 231

Chapter 13: Ten Cool Things to Do With Your Apple Watch 233

Index 247