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Apples, Insights and Mad Inventors: An Entertaining Analysis of Modern Marketing

Apples, Insights and Mad Inventors: An Entertaining Analysis of Modern Marketing

Jeremy Bullmore

ISBN: 978-0-470-02915-2 May 2006 174 Pages


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Apples, Insights and Mad Inventors is a collection of timeless, thought-provoking observations on a range of marketing issues from one of the industry’s best-known names – Jeremy Bullmore. Most of the pieces originally appeared in the annual reports of WPP, while others were the basis for conference keynote addresses. With topics ranging from client management and brand management to strategy and product development, and sources of inspiration as diverse as Posh Spice and Benjamin Franklin, this entertaining and enlightening book is essential reading for any communications professional.
Foreword by Sir Martin Sorrell.

About the Author.


Polishing the Apples.

Time-and-Motion Man and The Mad Inventor.

Why Every Brand Encounter Counts.

The Clipboard and the Copywriter.

Posh Spice & Persil.

Benjamin Franklin and the Kuala Lumpur Question.

The Steak & Kidney Pie That Wasn’t.

Why is a Good Insight Like a Refrigerator?


  • GREAT CONTENT: The ‘thought pieces’ in the book are serious pieces of work, but presented by a master of copywriting in very user-friendly language. Chapter titles include ‘Polishing the Apples’, ‘Time and Motion Man and the Mad Inventor’, ‘Posh Spice and Persil’ and ‘Benjamin Franklin and the Kuala Lumpur Question.’
"Using catchy chapter titles and shrewdly linking them to the subject matter, the author actively ensures an entertaining page-turning experience." (Gulf Business Magazine, October 2006)