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Applications of Plant Cell and Tissue Culture

Applications of Plant Cell and Tissue Culture

Gregory R. Bock (Editor), Joan Marsh (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51365-1 September 2007 280 Pages


This work deals with basic plant physiology and cytology, and addresses the practical exploitation of plants, both as crops and as sources of useful compounds produced as secondary metabolites. Covers problems of commercial exploitation, socio-legal aspects of genetic engineering of crop plants, and of the difficulties of marketing natural compunds produced by cells under artificial conditions.
Partial table of contents:

Herbicide Resistant Plants from Cultured Cells (R. Chaleff).

Applications of Cell and Tissue Culture in Tree Improvement (D. Durzan).

Producing Fertile Somatic Hybrids (E. Cocking).

Application of Microinjection to a High Frequency and Synchronous Somatic Emryogenesis System in Carrot Suspension Cultures (A. Komamine & K. Nomura).

Analysis of Chloroplast Genomes in Parasexual Hybrid Calli (A. Harai, et al.).

Transformation of Plant Cells (T. Hall & R. DeRose).

Direct Gene Transfer to Plants (I. Potrykus).

Germplasm Preservation (L. Withers).

Elicitation and Metabolism of Photoalexins in Plant Cell Cultures (W. Barz, et al.).

Biosynthesis of Tropane Alkaloids (Y. Yamada & T. Hashimoto).

Biotechnological Approaches to the Production of Isoquinoline Alkaloids (M. Zenk, et al.).

Industrial Production of Shikonin and Berberine (Y. Fujita).

Problems in Commercial Exploitation of Plant Cell Cultures (M. Fowler).

Final Discussion.

Index of Contributors.

Subject Index.