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Applied Business Statistics: Making Better Business Decisions, 7th Edition International Student Version

Applied Business Statistics: Making Better Business Decisions, 7th Edition International Student Version

Ken Black

ISBN: 978-1-118-37951-6

Jun 2012

880 pages

Select type: E-Book

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Black, Applied Business Statistics 7e is designed with one goal: to support student success in the Business Stats course. From the clear instruction, thorough explanations and real-data examples, the book is a pedagogically sound, reliable resource for students. With WileyPLUS online learning environment, which gives students a roadmap to personalized instruction by telling them what to do, how to do it and if they did it right, students have more ways to succeed with Black, Applied Business Statistics 7e than ever before.

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Preface xvii

About the Author xxvii


1 What Is Statistics 02

Decision Dilemma: Statistics Describe the State of Business in India’s Countryside 03

2 Visualizing the Data 18

Decision Dilemma: Container Shipping Companies 19

3 Describing Data Through Statistics 52

Decision Dilemma: Laundry Statistics 53

5 Discrete Probability Distributions 142

Decision Dilemma: Life with a Cell Phone 143

6 Continuous Probability Distributions 184

Decision Dilemma: The Cost of Human Resources 185

7 Distributions of the Sample Mean and Sample Proportion and Sampling Techniques 222

Decision Dilemma: What Is the Attitude of Maquiladora Workers? 223

8 Estimating Parameters for Single Populations 256

Decision Dilemma: Compensation for Purchasing Managers 257

9 Testing Hypotheses about Single Population Parameters 294

Decision Dilemma: Word-of-Mouth Business Referrals and Influentials 295

10 Analyzing the Differences in Two Populations 348

Decision Dilemma: Online Shopping 349

11 Analysis of Variance 408

Decision Dilemma: Job and Career Satisfaction of Foreign Self-Initiated Expatriates 409

12 Introduction to Regression Analysis and Correlation 470

Decision Dilemma: Predicting International Hourly Wages by the Price of a Big Mac 471

13 Basic Multiple Regression Analysis 522

Decision Dilemma: Are You Going to Hate Your New Job? 523

14 Advanced Multiple Regression Analysis 552

Decision Dilemma: Determining Compensation for CEOs 553

15 Forecasting 602

Decision Dilemma: Forecasting Air Pollution 603

16 Chi-Square Analysis 658

Decision Dilemma: Selecting Suppliers in the Electronics Industry 659

17 Analyzing Data Using Nonparametric Statistics 684

Decision Dilemma: How Is the Doughnut Business? 685

18 Quality 734

Decision Dilemma: Italy’s Piaggio Makes a Comeback 735

19 Decision Analysis C19-2

Decision Dilemma: Decision Making at the CEO Level C19-3


A Tables 779

B Answers to Selected Odd-Numbered Quantitative Problems 819




1 Summation Notation S1-1

2 Derivation of Simple Regression Formulas for Slope and y Intercept S2-1

3 Advanced Exponential Smoothing S3-1

Exponential Smoothing with Trend Effects: Holt’s Method S3-1

Exponential Smoothing with Both Trend and Seasonality: Winter’s Method S3-2

Some Practice Problems S3-5

NEW Thinking Critically about Business Statistics: This new feature provides thought-provoking questions to promote application and analysis of business statistics principles.
NEW and Improved Visuals: Graphs, tables, and figures have been added throughout the text to illustrate and underscore concepts.
NEW Cases: New, current and relevant businesses are profiled to help students connect real organizations with business statistics concepts.
WileyPLUS: WileyPLUS Version 5 online learning environment features all end-of-chapter problems, 22 author video tutorials, databases, applets and more.
Decision Dilemma & Decision Dilemma Solved: Chapter-opening vignettes are brief business-world scenarios which use the techniques introduced in the chapter to solve a business decision dilemma; at the end of chapters, dilemmas are addressed to reinforce the chapter concept.
Ethical Considerations: A feature in each chapter, Ethical Considerations integrate the topic of ethics with applications of business statistics.
Tree Taxonomy Diagrams: Further illustrate the connection between topics and techniques and the ability to see the big picture of inferential statistics.