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Applied Dental Materials, 9th Edition

John F. McCabe (Editor), Angus W. G. Walls (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-69712-2 May 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 312 Pages


This textbook covers all aspects of materials science relevant to the practice of dentistry. It is aimed primarily at undergraduate dental students, although it will also be useful for practising dentists, dental technicians and dental assistants.

The 9th edition has been extensively revised to include the many advances in dental materials and their use that have occurred during the past nine years. The chapters on Resin-based filling materials and Adhesive restorative materials have been expanded significantly with new coverage of fibre reinforcement of composite structures and polymerisable luting agents. A brand new chapter has been added on endodontic materials.

Science of dental materials;.

Properties used to characterise materials;.

Gypsum products for dental casts;.


Investments and refractory dies;.

Metals and alloys;.

Gold and alloys of noble metals;.

Base metal casting alloys;.


Steel and wrought alloys;.

Ceramics and porcelain fused to metal (PFM);.

Synthetic polymers;.

Denture base polymers;.

Denture lining materials;.

Artificial teeth;.

Impression materials: Classification and requirements;.

Non-elastic impression materials;.

Elastic impression materials: Hydrocolloids;.

Elastic impression materials: Synthetic elastomers;.

Requirements of direct filing materials and historical perspectives;.

Dental amalgam;.

Resin-based filling materials;.

Adhesive restorative materials: bonding of resin-based materials;.

Glass-ionomer restorative materials (polyalkenoates);.

Resin-modified glass-ionomers and related materials;.

Temporary crown and bridge resins;.

Requirements of dental cements for lining, base and luting applications;.

Cements based on phosphoric acid;.

Cements based on organometallic chelate compounds;.

Polycarboxylates, glass-ionomers and resin-modified glass-ionomers for luting and lining; Index

  • Covers the clinical handling as well as the basic science of dental materials
  • Fully revised and updated to reflect the most recent advances in dental materials and their use
  • Now includes colour illustrations