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Applied Spatial Statistics for Public Health Data



Applied Spatial Statistics for Public Health Data

Lance A. Waller, Carol A. Gotway

ISBN: 978-0-471-66267-9 July 2004 520 Pages


While mapped data provide a common ground for discussions between the public, the media, regulatory agencies, and public health researchers, the analysis of spatially referenced data has experienced a phenomenal growth over the last two decades, thanks in part to the development of geographical information systems (GISs). This is the first thorough overview to integrate spatial statistics with data management and the display capabilities of GIS. It describes methods for assessing the likelihood of observed patterns and quantifying the link between exposures and outcomes in spatially correlated data.
This introductory text is designed to serve as both an introduction for the novice and a reference for practitioners in the field
Requires only minimal background in public health and only some knowledge of statistics through multiple regression
Touches upon some advanced topics, such as random effects, hierarchical models and spatial point processes, but does not require prior exposure
Includes lavish use of figures/illustrations throughout the volume as well as analyses of several data sets (in the form of "data breaks")
Exercises based on data analyses reinforce concepts


1. Introduction.

2. Analyzing Public Health Data.

3. Spatial Data.

4. Visualizing Spatial Data.

5. Analysis of Spatial Point Patterns.

6. Spatial Clusters of Health Events: Point Data for Cases and Controls.

7. Spatial Clustering of Health Events: Regional Count Data.

8. Spatial Exposure Data.

9. Linking Spatial Exposure Data to Health Events.


Author Index.

Subject Index.
"…a fine textbook for a course on spatial statistics…easy to follow and agreeable to read…an excellent introduction and overview…" (Statistics in Medical Research, August 2006)

"...will be a successful addition to existing literature and foster the application of spatial statistical methods to topics in epidemiology and public health." (Biometrics, December 2005)

"…an interesting and worthwhile read for all practitioners of spatial statistics." (Computers & Geosciences, July 2005)

"…I am pleased to add it to my collection and feel sure that it will be widely read and appreciated." (Journal of the American Statistical Association, June 2005)

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