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Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, Enhanced eText, 7th Edition

Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, Enhanced eText, 7th Edition

Douglas C. Montgomery, George C. Runger

ISBN: 978-1-119-40036-3

Jan 2018

722 pages

Select type: E-Book



Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, 7th Edition provides a practical approach designed for engineering and science majors. Students learn how the material will be relevant in their careers through the integration of unique problem sets that reflect realistic applications and situations from research as well as the authors consulting experiences.  Applied Statistics, 7e is suitable for either a one- or two-term course in probability and statistics. The 7th edition of this text focuses on real engineering applications and real engineering solutions while including material on the bootstrap, increased emphasis on the use of P-value, coverage of equivalence testing, combining p-values. The exposition, examples, exercises and answers in the text and WileyPLUS have been meticulously checked for accuracy.   The 7th edition focuses on online course delivery to provide multiple channels of student engagement and self-study.  

Related Resources

  • Instructor Assignable Problems: Several hundred assignable problems that do not appear in student materials, preserving their integrity.
  • Practice Problems: Hundreds of practice problems called “Check Your Understanding” have been added and are placed at appropriate places in the e-text.
  • Videos: The course now features over 100 videos, many of which are walk-throughs of examples and problems.
  • New and expanded interactive features available in both WileyPLUS and the Interactive eText
  • Over 100 video-based examples and problem walk-throughs.
  • Check Your Understanding exercises are placed at the appropriate places in the eTextbook inside the WileyPLUS course.  These simple practice exercises give students just-in-time reading comprehension self-assessment, perfect for assigning as a pre-lecture exercise.  
  • Video Lectures: Video lectures provide explanations of key course concepts.