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Applying Psychology to Everyday Life: A Beginner's Guide

Applying Psychology to Everyday Life: A Beginner's Guide

Kenneth T. Strongman

ISBN: 978-0-470-86989-5

Mar 2006

302 pages

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This text gives a general introduction to the subject but in a way that demonstrates its applicability to their work and to everyday life, whilst remaining academically grounded. It demonstrates how psychology can make a practical difference in the ‘real world’. Topics covered include emotions, motivation, social life and the lifespan.
  • Basic, up-to-date introduction to psychological concepts
  • Practical exercises and techniques
  • Scene setting examples from real life
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1. Psychology in life.

2. Emotional life: recognising feelings and emotions.

3. Emotional life: regulating emotions.

4. Motivational life: hunger, thirst and sex.

5. Motivational life: from sensation-seeking to self-actualisation.

6. Social life: forming and maintaining relationships.

7. Social life: communicating one to one.

8. Social life: communicating in groups.

9. Social life: leadership.

10. Inner life: personality.

11. Inner life: the self.

12. Intellectual life: learning.

13. Intellectual life: memory and thinking.

14. The lifespan: bringing up children.

15. The lifespan: growing older.

16. When things go wrong with life.

17. A healthy life: self-help.

18. A healthy life: therapeutic help.

19. Life in general.



""... The writing is lucid, the ""scenes from life"" are uniformly excellent…Highly recommended."" (The Journal of Mental Health, December 2006)