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Aqua Shock: Water in Crisis

Susan J. Marks

ISBN: 978-0-470-91806-7 April 2011 272 Pages


An objective look at America's rapidly shrinking water supply

Once believed to be a problem limited to America's southwest, water shortages are now an issue coast to coast, from New England to California. In Aqua Shock: The Water Crisis in America, author Susan J. Marks provides a comprehensive analysis of the current conflicts being waged over dwindling water supplies. She presents the findings of university studies, think tanks, and research groups, as well as the opinions of water experts, including Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security. The book

  • Explains where our water comes from and who controls it, as well as the cost of water on cash, commodities, and capitalism
  • Describes the risks of running out of water
  • Details how we can preserve and protect our most precious, yet most undervalued natural resource

Right now, battles over water supplies rage across the country. Aqua Shock is an objective look at how we arrived at this crisis point and what we can do-and should be doing-to solve the water crisis in America.



1 Liquid Gold.

2 Where Our Water Comes From: A Global Perspective.

3 The Disappearing Act.

4 Danger! Safe Water at Risk.

5 On Governing Water.

6 America's Water Gods.

7 The Cost of Water: Cash, Commodities, and Capitalism.

8 Can Our Water Be Saved?


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