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Aquaculture, Resource Use, and the Environment



Aquaculture, Resource Use, and the Environment

Claude Boyd, Aaron McNevin

ISBN: 978-1-118-85781-6 December 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 368 Pages


Aquaculture, Resource Use, and the Environment places aquaculture within the larger context of global population growth, increased demand for sustainable, reliable sources of food, and the responsible use of natural resources. Aquaculture production has grown rapidly in recent decades as over-exploitation and environmental degradation have drastically reduced wild fish stocks. As fish production has increased, questions have persisted about the environmental sustainability of current aquaculture practices.

Aquaculture, Resource Use, and the Environment is a timely synthesis and analysis of critical issues facing the continued growth and acceptance of aquaculture practices and products. Chapters look at the past, present, and future demands for food, aquaculture production, and tackle key issues ranging from environmental impacts of aquaculture to practical best management practices in aquaculture production.

Providing broad coverage of issues that are essential to the continued development of aquaculture production, Aquaculture, Resource Use, and the Environment will be vital resource for anyone involved in the field of aquaculture.

Foreword by Jason Clay vii

Foreword by George W. Chamberlain xiii

Foreword by Craig S. Tucker xv

Abbreviations xix

Preface xxiii

Chapter 1 An overview of aquaculture 1

Chapter 2 World population 21

Chapter 3 World food production 35

Chapter 4 Assessing resource use and environmental impacts 61

Chapter 5 Land use 81

Chapter 6 Water use by aquaculture systems 101

Chapter 7 Energy use and atmospheric emissions 123

Chapter 8 Protein conversion and the fish meal and oil issue 157

Chapter 9 Chemicals in aquaculture 173

Chapter 10 Water pollution 211

Chapter 11 Biodiversity 235

Chapter 12 Governmental regulations 261

Chapter 13 Best management practices 279

Chapter 14 Eco-label certification 297

Chapter 15 Some final thoughts 321

Index 329