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Aquaculture Parasitology

Aquaculture Parasitology

Sarah Poynton

ISBN: 978-0-813-81043-0

Oct 2028, Wiley-Blackwell

348 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Aquatic parasites can result in catastrophic losses of fish populations and production output in aquaculture facilities. Recognizing, rapid response to, and prevention of parasite outbreaks is essential to maintaining viable aquaculture production levels. Aquaculture Parasitology: Global Impacts and Management provides essential and practical information on protozoan and metazoan parasites that have significant economic impacts on finfish production.   

Aquaculture Parasitology: Global Impacts and Management opens with an in-depth look at the parasites that pose the most significant threat to economically important fish species. Building on that foundation, the second section of the book looks more closely at region-specific impact and management to parasite outbreaks. The book closes with a look at risk assessment and analysis that will be of particular use to the aquaculture industry.

Providing a truly global synthesis of the impact of aquatic parasites on aquaculture production, Aquaculture Parasitology: Global Impacts and Management will be an essential resource for anyone working in the fields of fish health and aquaculture production.