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Aquaculture Sector Planning and Management

Aquaculture Sector Planning and Management

Colin Nash

ISBN: 978-0-852-38227-1

Aug 1995

320 pages

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The Primary purpose for producing this book on Aquaculture Sector Planning and Management is to fill the great void for fundamental information needed by planners and administrators in government charged with the responsibilities of organising and managing the relatively new and important food-producing sub-sector, now widely called aquaculture. Secondly, it is intended to be a useful guideline on planning an management processes for anyone in the public or private sectors who has some responsibilty for planning and implementing aquaculture development programmes or projects. Finally, it is a different type of textbook for undergaduate students, including those in the closely related fields of agriculture and environmental sciences on the many issues underlying the development of aquaculture, or that of any other similar field.
Sector Planning.

Sector Management.

Project Management.

The author's unique combination of thirty years of experience in aquaculture, much of it derived from aquaculture planning, organisation and management, and international investment projects. Applicable worldwide. Identifies the principle behind the creation of a viable aquaculture sector and explains the processes behind successful organisation and management and project development. Includes practical and real-life illustrations of the ways individual countries are dealing with planning and management issues and meeting development needs.