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Archi-Toons: Funniness, Comedy & Delight

Archi-Toons: Funniness, Comedy & Delight

Richard T. Bynum Jr

ISBN: 978-0-470-85406-8

Jun 2003

120 pages

Select type: Paperback

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These original cartoons explore the lighter side of architecture, design and the construction industry. From the Far Side to Dilbert and from lawyer jokes to political humour, we have always been able to have a laugh at each other, ourselves and our professions. However, the design community has never really had a cartoon to call its own....until now!

The cartoons cover all members of the construction industry and the book is irreverent in its wit. Clearly composed by someone who has been in the business for many years Bynum's observations demonstrate an extensive understanding of the entire business, without being one sided or vitriolic.


About the author.

111 pages of Cartoons.