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Architect's Essentials of Cost Management

Architect's Essentials of Cost Management

Michael D. Dell'Isola

ISBN: 978-0-471-29432-0

Nov 2002

320 pages



Written by a cost-control expert with more than thirty years of design and building expertise, this volume in the Professional Practice Essentials Series gives you practical, user-friendly guidance on how to better manager costs through all phases of a project. Dell'Isola first explains the basics of cost management-from estimating costs during the design phase to managing costs during construction and even after occupancy. He then covers all of the tools and techniques available to architects/designers and explains how best to use them. A number of useful case studies clearly show how the author's principles work in real-life situations.

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1 Introduction.


Cost Management Considerations.

Cost Management Methodology.

2 Building Economics.

Breakdown of Construction Costs.

Cost Components.

Distribution of Hard Costs.

Factors That Influence Building Costs.


3 Cost-Estimating Methodology.

Establishing Standard Formats.

Identifying and Managing Cost Drivers.

Estimate Preparation Principles.

Cost-Estimating Methods.

Dealing with Escalation and Contingencies.

Risk Management and Range Estimating.

Special Estimating Challenges.

Value Management.

Life-Cycle Costing.


4 Cost-Estimating Tools.

Interpreting Cost Information.

Using Cost Indexes.

Referencing Published Cost Information.

Developing and Maintaining CostData Files.

Doing Computer-Assisted Estimating.


5 Cost Management Methodology.

Integrating the Cost Management Process.

Planning, Programming, and Budgeting.

Budgeting Methods.

Managing Costs during Design.

Implementing Construction PhaseCost Management.

Understanding the Impact of DeliveryMethods on Cost Management.