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Architect's Essentials of Presentation Skills

David Greusel

ISBN: 978-0-471-17675-6 August 2002 240 Pages


  • Covers all aspects of making a presentation, from preparation to delivery
  • Provides the tools to succeed in your next project interview
  • Presents guidelines for capturing an audience and creating a "stage presence"

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Find the concise, practical business information you need right now in the Architect's Essentials of Professional Practice Series. These authoritative guides quickly make you an instant expert on the best business practices crucial for success in today's design and construction professions. Each portable, affordable, user-friendly volume gives you:

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Architect's Essentials of Presentation Skills provides invaluable techniques and tools for giving effective design and marketing presentations. Whether presenting yourself, your firm, or your work, this book includes step-by-step instructions for planning, preparing, and delivering quality presentations, as well as tips, tricks, and shortcuts. Learn how to make the most of your limited presentation time, engage a skeptical audience and prevent boredom, overcome tension, create a "stage presence," manage multiple presenters, choose the best visual aids, and much more.

Written by a leading expert in the field, Architect's Essentials of Presentation Skills is an indispensable guide for architects, landscape architects, interior designers, and students of these professions.

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Introduction: Design Professionals and Presentations.

Reality Check.

Defining Success.

Basic Training.

The Ten Commandments of Presenting.


1. Show Up.

Physical Preparation.

Mental Preparation.

Stage Presence.

Appropriate Movement.

Summing It Up.

2. What's My Motivation?

Persuasive or Informative?

Focus on the Objective.

The Story Line.

Presentation Formats.

How to Talk.

Summing It Up.

3. Know Your Lines.

The Key to Successful Presentations.


Facts and Factoids.


The Practice Paradox.

The 1,000 Percent Rule.

Helpful Rehearsal.


Summing It Up.

4. Find Your Light.

Understanding the Location.

Understanding the Mechanics.

Managing the Lighting.

Summing It Up.


5. Face Out.

Cheating Out.

The Five E's.


Summing It Up.

6. Keep Going.

Overcoming Obstacles.

Overcoming Hostility.

Overcoming Technical Problems.

Overcoming Interaction.

Overcoming Stage Fright.

Summing It Up.

7. Project.

What and How.

Vocal Modulation.

Breath Control. Acoustical Considerations.

Sound Check.

Using Microphones.

Summing It Up.

8. Be in the Moment.

Forget the Past.

Forget the Future.

What "In the Moment" Really Means.

Summing It Up.

9. Remember Your Props.

Ownership Issues.

Relating to Your Visuals.

Visual Aids Overview.

The Best Visual Aids.

Summing It Up.

10. Know When to Get Off.

Timing Is Everything.

The Soul of Wit.

Setting the Pace.

Orchestrating Movement.

Striking the Set.

Summing It Up.

Epilog: Five Minutes!

Physical Preparation.

Motivation Review.

Mental Confidence.

Know the Room.

Face Out.

Overcoming Obstacles.

No Need to Raise Your Voice.

Get Centered.

Think about Visual Aids.

Plan Your Exit.

Last-minute Checks.

Curtain Up!

Appendix: Using Presentation Software.

The Basics.

Special Effects: Less Is Crucial.

Adding Interactivity.

Know When to Say No.

Summing It Up.


"He succeeds in offering techniques to build the skills needed to conquer the dragons." (AIA Architect, August 2002)
  • Offers step-by-step instructions for planning, preparing, and delivering design presentations
  • All information focuses on the presentation skills required of a design professional
  • Includes tips, tricks, case studies, shortcuts and summaries
  • Provides practical, affordable, applied, portable and user-friendly information tailored specifically for the design profession