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Architects of the Business Revolution: The Ultimate E-Business Book



Architects of the Business Revolution: The Ultimate E-Business Book

Des Dearlove, Steve Coomber

ISBN: 978-1-841-12108-6 March 2001 Capstone 256 Pages


Architects of the Business Revolution is a journey through the remarkable new territory of e-business and the new economy. Dearlove and Coomber identify the entrepreneurs, radicals and thinkers who have made the greatest contribution to this new world. From wunderkinds like Marc Andreessen and Sabheer Bhatia and rocket scientists like Tim Berners-Lee and Vinton Cerf to visionaries like Don Tapscott and Esther Dyson and business engineers like Scott McNealy and Jim Clark, these are the guys and girls you have to know about. Beyond the individuals themselves, Dearlove and Coomber take ideas into action and offer practical guidance drawn from these pioneers.
History's perspective
Wealth creation
The first wave
Clicks and bricks
The future of e-commerce
Architects of the business revolution
Marc Andreessen -
Netscape Loudcloud
Tim Berners-Lee
Jeff Bezos -
Sabheer Bhatia -
Hotmail & Arzoo
Scott Blum -
Sergey Brin & Larry Page -
Steve Case -
America Online
Vint Cerf
John Chambers -
Christos Cotsakos -
Jim Clark
Michael Dell -
Dell Corp
Matt Drudge -
The Drudge Report
Esther Dyson
Richard Egan -
Larry Ellison -
Shawn Fanning -
David Filo & Jerry Yang -
Bill Gates -Microsoft
George Gilder
Rob Glaser -
Seth Godin -
Permission Marketing
James Gosling -
Sun Microsystems & Java
Bill Gross -
Andy Grove -
Jeff Hawkins -
Palm Computing & Handspring
Steve Jobs -
Apple Computer
Guy Kawasaki -
Harry Knowles -
Ain't It Cool News
Martha Lane Fox & Brent Hoberman -
Scott McNealy -
Sun Microsystems
Nicholas Negroponte -
MIT Media Lab
Jorma Ollila -
Pierre Omidyar - eBay
Kevin O'Connor -
Tony Perkins Chris Alden -
Red Herring
Tom Perkins -
Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Bryers
Jon Postel
Michael Robertson -
Arthur Rock
Louis Rossetto -
Wired Magazine
John Seely Brown -
Xerox PARC
William Shockley -
Farchild Semiconductors
Masayoshi Son -
Don Tapscott
Linus Torvalds -
Jay Walker -
Alan Webber -
Fast Company
David Wetherell -
Bob Young -
Red Hat
"...the style is generally witty, readable and up-to-date..." (Sunday Business Post, 4th February 2001)
"The authors put ideas into action and offer practical guidance drawn from these pioneers." (Computer Weekly, 22nd March 2001)
"An interesting read...." (Freelance Informer, 20th April 20
"The book is written in a refreshingly non-technical style, which is a welcome change from the many publications in this area ....." (Professional Manager, July 2001)
"..very impressed with the actual format of this book....manages to be both interesting and succeeds in being a very neat and well presented book.." (M2 Communications, 22 February 2001)