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Architectures of the Near Future

Nic Clear (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-69955-3 October 2009 136 Pages


In this highly pertinent issue, guest-editor Nic Clear questions received notions of the future. Are the accepted norms of economic growth and expansion the only means by which society can develop and prosper? Should the current economic crisis be making us call into question a future of unlimited growth? Can this moment of crisis – economic, environmental and technological – enable us to make more informed choices about the type of future that we want and can actually achieve? Architectures of the Near Future offers a series of alternative voices, developing some of the neglected areas of contemporary urban life and original visions of what might be to come. Rather than providing simplistic and seductive images of an intangible shiny future, it rocks the cosy world of architecture with polemical blasts.
  • Draws on topics as diverse as synthetic space, psychoanalysis, Postmodern geography, post-economics, cybernetics and developments in neurology.
  • Includes an exploration of the work of JG Ballard.
  • Features the work of Ben Nicholson.
Editorial (Helen Castle ).

Introduction: A Near Future (Nic Clear).

Urban Flux (Matthew Gandy).

Postindividualism: Fata Morgana and the Swindon Gout Clinic (Michael Aling).

Urban Otaku: Electric Lighting and the Noctambulist (John Culmer Bell).

The Groom’s Gospel (Bastian Glassner).

Hong Kong Labyrinths (Soki So).

Distructuring Utopias (Rubedo: Laurent-Paul Robert and Vesna Petresin Robert).

The Carbon Casino (Richard Bevan).

Cities Gone Wild (Geoff Manaugh).

London After the Rain (Nic Clear).

L.A.W.u.N. Project #21: Cybucolia (Samantha Hardingham and David Greene).

Cortical Plasticity (Dan Farmer).

The Ridiculous and the Sublime (Ben Nicholson).

Stereoscopic Urbanism: JG Ballard and the Built Environment (Simon Sellars).

The Sound Stage (George Thomson).

Recent History – Art In Ruins (Hannah Vowles and Glyn Banks/Art in Ruins and Nic Clear)

Practice Profile.
Snøhetta (Jayne Merkel).

Interior Eye.
Biochemistry Department, University of Oxford (Howard Watson).

Building Profile.
St Benedict’s School, West London (David Littlefield).

Unit Factor.
Migration Pattern Process (Simon Beames and Kenneth Fraser).

Spiller’s Bits.
Mathematics of the Ideal Pavilion (Neil Spiller).

Yeang’s Eco-Files.
Computational Building Performance Modelling and Ecodesign (Khee Poh Lam and Ken Yeang).

McLean’s Nuggets (Will McLean).

Scaleable Technology for Smart Spaces (Valentina Croci).