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Arctic Charr Aquaculture

Arctic Charr Aquaculture

Gavin Johnston

ISBN: 978-1-405-17150-2

Apr 2008, Wiley-Blackwell

288 pages

Select type: E-Book



This important book draws together, for the first time, a vast wealth of information on all major aspects of the farming of Arctic charr, a highly prized and commercially valuable salmonid. The author, Gavin Johnston who has many years' experience of farming Arctic charr, teaching about and researching the species, has produced a book that is a landmark publication and an essential purchase for all those involved with the species.

The book is broadly divided into three sections. The first section covers Arctic charr interactions with humans and the charr's biological requirements for culture. Section two is a practical guide to the art and science of early-rearing Arctic charr; a hands on application of current knowledge in Arctic charr aquaculture. The final section of the book focuses on the commercial production of Arctic charr, providing cutting-edge information for all those involved in the exploitation of this valuable species.

Arctic Charr Aquaculture is an essential purchase for anyone involved in, or considering involvement in farming of this species. Farm managers and other personnel in fish farms and experimental aquaculture units, fish and aquatic biologists will find a huge amount of useful data in this book. Libraries in all university departments and research establishments where aquaculture, fisheries and fish biology are studies and taught should have copies of this book on their shelves. This book brings together for the first time the knowledge needed to farm and market Arctic Charr. Part One is an overview of Arctic Charr aquaculture beginning with the history and development of Charr aquaculture, the biological attributes of Arctic Charr, the physical requirements for growth and commercial production requirements. Other chapters are devoted to Charr health, nutrition and feeding. Part Two is a practical guide for the producer operating an Arctic Charr farm either as a vertically integrated operation or as discrete hatcheries and grow out farms. Part Three is devoted to the business of commercially producing Arctic Charr, and although it deals specifically with Charr it also covers many business aspects of farming relevant to any fish species under cold water cultivation. It covers farm business management, the economics and finance of Arctic Charr farming, marketing Charr products and a closing section on how to avoid the pitfalls which others including the author have experienced.


Section One: An overview of Arctic Charr aquaculture;.

An introduction to Arctic Charr aquaculture;.

The biological attributes of Arctic Charr;.

Basic biophysical requirements for Arctic Charr aquaculture;.

Health and disease management;.

Growth nutrition and feeding;.

Section Two: Brood stock hatchery and grow out management;.

Arctic Charr hatchery operations;.

Spawning and egg incubation;.

Raising fry and fingerlings;.

Hatchery mechanical, alarm and backup systems;.

Grow out operations;.

Harvesting and processing;.

Section Three: The business of producing Arctic Charr;.

The business of producing Arctic Charr;.

Marketing and product forms;.

The School of Hard Knocks (preventing charred remains);.




"The author is commended for such an outstanding book. Anyone interested in Arctic Charr Aquaculture would do well to obtain this book." Dr James W Arvault, Jr, Aquaculture Magazine, 2002.

"... excellent book. Unlikely though [the farming of arctic charr] may have been, it has been successfully achieved. This well presented book tells how and why. It is thus indispensable to anyone involved in any way with this fascinating fish species." Fishing Boat World

* the first definitive book on Arctic Charr aquaculture
* provides the practical and theoretical information needed to culture Arctic Charr
* commercial production of Arctic Charr now is probably at the same stage Atlantic Salmon production was 15-20 years ago
* it is claimed that the market can take 10-15 times as much product as is currently produced
* arctic Charr commands a premium price since it occupies the position Atlantic Salmon once did before over-production brought a collapse in prices
* culture technique for Arctic Charr are different than for salmon or trout
* based on many years' experience, the book provides the practical and theoretical information needed to culture Arctic Charr successfully