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Arduino Projects For Dummies

Arduino Projects For Dummies

Brock Craft

ISBN: 978-1-118-55151-6

Jun 2013

408 pages



Discover all the amazing things you can do with Arduino

Arduino is a programmable circuit board that is being used by everyone from scientists, programmers, and hardware hackers to artists, designers, hobbyists, and engineers in order to add interactivity to objects and projects and experiment with programming and electronics. This easy-to-understand book is an ideal place to start if you are interested in learning more about Arduino's vast capabilities. Featuring an array of cool projects, this Arduino beginner guide walks you through every step of each of the featured projects so that you can acquire a clear understanding of the different aspects of the Arduino board.

  • Introduces Arduino basics to provide you with a solid foundation of understanding before you tackle your first project
  • Features a variety of fun projects that show you how to do everything from automating your garden's watering system to constructing a keypad entry system, installing a tweeting cat flap, building a robot car, and much more
  • Provides an easy, hands-on approach to learning more about electronics, programming, and interaction design for Makers of all ages

Arduino Projects For Dummies is your guide to turning everyday electronics and plain old projects into incredible innovations.

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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Arduino Projects 7

Chapter 1: Exploring the World of Arduino 9

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Workspace and Tools 19

Chapter 3: Understanding the Basics 41

Part II: Basic Arduino Projects 63

Chapter 4: The All-Seeing Eye 65

Chapter 5: Making a Light Pet 85

Chapter 6: Making a Scrolling Sign 107

Chapter 7: Building an Arduino Clock 127

Part III: The Interactive Home and Garden 153

Chapter 8: Building a Keypad Entry System 155

Chapter 9: Building an RFID Tag Reader 181

Chapter 10: Building an Automated Garden 201

Chapter 11 : Building a Tweeting Pet Door 221

Chapter 12: Building a Home Sensing Station 243

Part IV: Advanced Arduino Projects 273

Chapter 13: Building a GPS Data Logger 275

Chapter 14: Building a Remote-Controlled Car 299

Chapter 15: Building an LED Cube 323

Part V: The Part of Tens 349

Chapter 16: Ten Great Arduino Resources 351

Chapter 17: Ten Troubleshooting Tips 359

Index 369

Code examples for chapters
Diagrams and schematics