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Argumentative Writing, Student Journal, Grades 9-12

Argumentative Writing, Student Journal, Grades 9-12

PCG Education

ISBN: 978-1-119-22944-5

Apr 2016, Jossey-Bass

72 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Argument Writing 1

Argument Model: “No Such Thing As a Free Lunch” 1

Argument Model: “Censoring Students, Censoring Society” 3

“Anti-Graffiti Crusade” 6

“Making Graffiti a ‘Gift’ to the Community: Park Program Teaches Teens How to Legally Participate in Graffiti Art” 8

“Cleaning Up Graffiti a Costly Battle in the Las Vegas Valley” 10

“From Graffiti to Galleries: Street vs. Public Art” 13

Argument Visual 16

Argument Writing Checklist Template 17

Lesson 3 Prompt Analysis Exit Slip 19

Art or Vandalism Chart 20

Revision Exit Slip: 21

Tips for Integrating Quotations 22

Tips for Punctuating Quotations 23

MLA In-Text Citation 25

Transitions 26

Semicolons and Colons 27

Commas 28

Peer Review Tool 29

Lesson 11 Peer Review Exit Slip 31

Common Editing Symbols 32

MLA Works Cited 33

Short Response Rubric 35

Short Response Checklist 36