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Art and Architecture in Naples, 1266 - 1713: New Approaches

Art and Architecture in Naples, 1266 - 1713: New Approaches

Cordelia Warr (Editor), Janis Elliott (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-32439-6

May 2010, Wiley-Blackwell

192 pages



Often overshadowed by the cities of Florence and Rome in art-historical literature, this volume argues for the importance of Naples as an artistic and cultural centre, demonstrating the breadth and wealth of artistic experience within the city.
  • Generously illustrated with some illustrations specifically commissioned for this book
  • Questions the traditional definitions of 'cultural centres' which have led to the neglect of Naples as a centre of artistic importance
  • A significant addition to the English-language scholarship on art in Naples
Notes on Contributors

1. Introduction: Reassessing Naples 1266–1713 (Cordelia Warr and Janis Elliott).

2. The North Looks South: Giorgio Vasari and Early Modern Visual Culture in the Kingdom of Naples (Aislinn Loconte).

3. The Rise of the Court Artist: Cavallini and Giotto in Fourteenth-Century Naples (Cathleen A. Fleck).

4. The Local Eye: Formal and Social Distinctions in Late Quattrocento Neapolitan Tombs (Tanja Michalsky).

5. Building in Local all’antica Style: The Palace of Diomede Carafa in Naples (Bianca de Divitiis)

6. From Social Virtue to Revetted Interior: Giovanni Antonio Dosio and Marble Inlay in Rome, Florence, and Naples (John Nicholas Napoli).

7. ‘The Face is a Mirror of the Soul’: Frontispieces and the Production of Sanctity in Post-Tridentine Naples (Helen Hills).

8. Patronage, Standards and transfert culturel: Naples between Art History and Social Science Theory (Nicolas Bock).