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Art and Society in the Middle Ages

Art and Society in the Middle Ages

Georges Duby

ISBN: 978-0-745-62174-6

Apr 2000, Polity

128 pages

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In this beautifully written book, George's Duby, one of France's greatest medieval historians, returns to one of the central themes of his work - the relationship between art and society.

1. From the Fifth to the Tenth Century.

2. 960-160.

3. 1160-1320.

4. 1320-1400.




'Georges Duby was one of the leading medievalists of the twentieth century, a historian with a long-standing interest in art. This book compresses the knowledge of a lifetime into an elegant, lapidary essay packed with perceptive comments on both art and society, making it as indispensable for specialists as it is accessible to students and art-loving general readers.'
Peter Burke, Professor of Cultural History at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge
* A concise but wide-ranging work by one of France's greatest historians.
* Discusses the relation between art and society in Europe from the fifth to the fifteenth century.
* Demonstrates how the meaning and significance of art changes over time.