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Art and Technology in Early Modern Europe



Art and Technology in Early Modern Europe

Richard Taws, Genevieve Warwick

ISBN: 978-1-119-29168-8 December 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 248 Pages


In 12 essays by a distinguished group of art historians, Art and Technology in Early Modern Europe explores the relationship between artistic and technological advances from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution.

  • Provides a broad definition of technology for this period and addresses the influence of technological shifts on the history of early modern art
  • Covers c.1420-1820, the time period between the advent of the printed image and that of the photographically produced image
  • Discusses a wide range of early modern artists’ tools, instruments, skills, and techniques and their historical applications
  • Highlights a frequently overlooked aspect of research within art history that yields substantial insights into the analysis of the making and viewing of art


6 Notes on Contributors

8 Chapter 1 After Prometheus: Art and Technology in Early Modern Europe
Genevieve Warwick and Richard Taws

20 Chapter 2 Historians in the Laboratory: Reconstruction of Renaissance Art and Technology in the Making and Knowing Project
Pamela H. Smith and The Making and Knowing Project

44 Chapter 3 Works in Progress: Painting and Modelling in Seventeenth-Century Holland
Jan Blanc

64 Chapter 4 Looking in the Mirror of Renaissance Art
Genevieve Warwick

92 Chapter 5 Squaring the Circle: The Telescopic View in Early Modern Landscapes
Amy Knight Powell

112 Chapter 6 After Galileo: The Image of Science in Niccolò Tornioli’s Astronomers
Giulia Martina Weston

128 Chapter 7 The Monument to Louis XIV at the Place Vendôme (1699) as a Technical Achievement: A Question of Interest
Etienne Jollet

150 Chapter 8 A Clock Picture as a Philosophical Experiment: The Tableau Mécanique in the Physics Cabinet of Bonnier de la Mosson
Hanneke Grootenboer

166 Chapter 9 Of Air Pumps and Teapots: Joseph Wright of Derby, John Singleton Copley and the Technology of Seeing
Bryan J. Wolf

186 Chapter 10 Technologies of Illusion: De Loutherbourg’s Eidophusikon in Eighteenth-Century London
Ann Bermingham

210 Chapter 11 Telegraphic Images in Post-Revolutionary France
Richard Taws

232 Chapter 12 Seizing Attention: Devices and Desires
Barbara Maria Stafford

239 Index