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Artificially Intelligent Nanomaterials for Environmental Engineering

Artificially Intelligent Nanomaterials for Environmental Engineering

Peng Wang, Jian Chang, Lianbin Zhang

ISBN: 978-3-527-81636-1

Nov 2019

294 pages

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The book focuses on the design and application of artificially intelligent nanomaterials which help solving tangible environmental problems, especially water and air pollution. It clearly lays out the design concepts, major chemical principles and materials considerations of artificially intelligent nanomaterials for environmental engineering and provides proof-of-concept examples such as improved filtration membranes, nanofibrous air filters and molecularly imprinted nanomaterials.
Intelligent Nanomotors in Environmental Detection and Remediation
Nanoparticles in Environmental Engineering
Designing Filtration Membranes with Responsive and Intelligent Gates
Responsive and Switchable Wettability Materials for Selective and On-Demand Oil/Water Separation
Self-Healing Materials for Environmental Applications: Including Self-Recovery of Physical Damages, Self-Restoration of Lost Surface Functions and Self-Cleaning of Contaminated Surfaces
Intelligently Designed Nanofibrous Air Filters for PM2.5 Removal
Molecularly Imprinted Nanomaterials for Selective Pollutant Removal
Emerging Synergistically Multifunctional and All-in-One Nanomaterials and Nanodevices in Advanced Environmental Applications
Concluding Remark and Future Perspectives