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As I Lay Dying, A Norton Critical Edition

As I Lay Dying, A Norton Critical Edition

William Faulkner, Michael Gorra (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-393-93138-9

397 pages

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Note on the Text
The Text of As I Lay Dying
Backgrounds and Contexts

1. Margaret Cheney Dawson • Beside Addie's Coffin
2. Julia K. W. Baker • Literature and Less
3. Clifton P. Fadiman • Morbidity in Fiction
4. Henry Nash Smith • A Troubled Vision
5. Henry Seidel Canby • The School of Cruelty
6. Maurice-Edgar Coindreau • William Faulkner
7. Valery Larbaud • "Preface" to Tandis que j'agonise
8. Edwin Muir • From New Novels
1. William Faulkner • Adolescence
2. William Faulkner • As I Lay Dying
3. William Faulkner • Introduction to the Modern Library edition of Sanctuary
4. William Faulkner • An Introduction for The Sound and the Fury
5. William Faulkner • Address upon Receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature
6. William Faulkner • The Paris Review Interview
7. William Faulkner • Class Conferences at the University of Virginia
8. William Faulkner • Jefferson, Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi [Map]
9. William Faulkner • Sample pages from the manuscript and carbon typescript of As I Lay Dying
1. Carson McCullers • The Russian Realists and Southern Literature
2. Fred Hobson • Benighted South
3. Andrew Nelson Lytle • The Hind Tit
4. James Agee • The Gudger House
5. Thoms D. Clark • From Pills, Petticoats and Plows: The Southern Country Store
6. C. D. Mitchell, M.D. • Thirty-Sixth Biennial Report of the Mississippi State Insane Hospital, Jackson, Mississippi. From July 1, 1925 to June 30, 1927
1. Olga W. Vickery • The Dimension of Consciousness
2. Cleanth Brooks • Odyssey of the Bundrens
3. Calvin Bedient • Pride and Nakedness: As I Lay Dying
4. André Bleikasten • The Setting
5. Eric Sundquist • Death, Grief, Analogous Form: As I Lay Dying
6. Stephen M. Ross • Mimetic Voice
7. Doreen Fowler • Matricide and the Mother's Revenge: As I Lay Dying
8. Patrick O'Donnell • Between the Family and the State: Nomadism and Authority in As I Lay Dying
9. Richard Gray • A Southern Carnival
10. John Limon • Addie in No Man's Land
11. Donald M. Kartiganer • "By It I Would Stand or Fall": Life and Death in As I Lay Dying
William Faulkner: A Chronology
Selected Bibliography